livin’ on a prayer.

11 January 2006

Yesterday was okay, and today was good.

I can’t waittt til this weekend. Did I mention I’m going to my cabin with Kristen and her friends? Dahlia, Molly, and Andrea are all going and I’m really excited! Just for one night but it’ll still be fun.

And it’s a three day weekend, and my history test will be over with and yeah, I’m really excited. Two more days of school until the weekend …

Let’s see. I got an 18/21 on my APLA quiz! So that was good. And today I had a pre-calc quiz, and I think I did ok. And … I got a 9 on a study guide in APUSH. Today in APUSH we did a trial thing and that was interesting. Fer has been gone both days. Yesterday I went to the library and today I hung out with Marina, and that was good. It’s nice every once in awhile, just to keep things in check haha.

After school I had Team Read and National Honor’s Society (NHS). Surprisingly I haven’t had that much homework this week! That’s a really good thing.

I think Vanni is coming over later to study for history.

And yeah. Nothing that interesting has happened.

twooo days.


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