after a few adult beverages, you don’t totally remember what someone looks like…

4 January, 2006

Yesterday wasn’t so good. It was the first day back at school, which meant it was just depressing and boring.

But today was better. 🙂

We got our quizzes back in Finance, I got 10/10. Yay.

We got new seats in APLA … I sit by Elyse & I like my seat.

We got new seats in Pre-Calc … I sit by Elyse & I like my seat. (again.)

I have an A+ in Pre-Calc so I’m really happy with that!

Brent’s birthday was yesterday & I told him happy birthday. He said, and happy birthday to you yesterday!

I don’t like him anymore but man, it would’ve been really cute if we had gone out and our birthdays were a day apart!

At lunch we got our PSAT scores … well I already knew mine but yeah. Everyone’s been talking about them today.

In APUSH yesterday our teacher told us that her boyfriend broke up with her on New Years Eve morning. Sad! And that he didn’t get her a Christmas present, just a birthday one (on the 21st). And she spent $100 on him for Christmas … a cashmere sweater.

But then she said that she is over it. And she went to a New Years Eve party and met a guy who wants to go out with her or something.

Someone asked if he was cute and she was like, “Well … you know how when you’re 35, and you go to a New Year’s party, and you have a few adult beverages … and you don’t totally remember what someone looks like?” and everyone just laughed, and she was like, “Good thing Sam’s not here, he’d be like ‘yeaaah I know what you mean!'” because Sam is this pothead/drunkee in our class. She imitated him in a pothead voice, it was hilarious. But I know what she means! haha.

Also in APUSH we got our essay re-writes back and I got a 7/9 and lots of good comments. 🙂 So that was good!

In Ceramics I started a picture frame … gahh I can’t wait for that class to be over.

After school I had Team Read. Nadia was really good and cute today. Maybe because I hadn’t seen her in two weeks, but today I really noticed the improvement since the beginning of the year.

Tomorrow I have an interview with teen jobs! And then if they like me they’re going to send my application on to the company, this biotech company who has a position open in the accounting department … and then if they like my application I interview with them. So wish me luck!

Ohmygosh, something else that really cheered me up. Eta, Fer, and Elyse made me this video for my birthday. I didn’t have time to watch it yesterday but I watched it today and it is so cute and funny!

It opens with Eta being like, “Hello, I’m Ryan Seacrest. We’re here today at American Idol with a special segment: Corinne’s birthday. These singers are auditioning to sing at Corinne’s birthday.” Then a singer goes, and each singer had like a different funny thing. Like one of them was Eta singing the cameltoe song, hahaha. Then after each singer, the judges comment. Fer is Simon with a tight shirt and British accent. For Randy there is a picture with a bubble that says “yo dawg” and Elyse is Paula. At one point “Paula” had a bottle of pills in front of her and was pouring them into her mouth, that was amusing.

Anyway, they do all the Simon and Paula – like things after each singer. Like Fer keeps mouthing “I love you” and doing an air-kiss to Elyse.

And one of the singers is Regina Philange, nice Friends reference! hehe. Anyway at the very end Fer and Elyse lean towards each other and then they fall on the floor, pretending to make out. Then it’s all three of them saying, “happy birthday Corinne!” and it was so cute and funny and I loved it, hehe.


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