So sick of love songs…

6 January, 2006

New favorite song: “So Sick.” I liiiike it.

Today was okay. Let’s see.

Ooh this guy Gabe might ask Fer to Winter Ball! But she doesn’t want to go with him. 😦

The other day in APLA, our teacher said he had good news and bad news. So he told us the bad news, that we had a test the next week. Then he was like, “But the good news is we get to read this great play by Shakespeare, Macbeth!” pause. “And Corinne is rolling her eyes at me.”

He actually said that in front of the whole class. LOL Oops! But I was rolling my eyes because COME ON what kind of good news is that? Everyone just laughed though so it was okay.

Yeah, my day was pretty boring. A lot of homework this weekend. But at least it IS the weekend, and hopefully tomorrow will be a good day and I’ll get to hang out with people that I want to *cough* Dahlia and Kristen. 🙂

After school I drove Eta home because the blood drive was today. I didn’t give blood … sorry but I would’ve fainted probably. Plus you have to weigh 110 and some days I do and some days I don’t? And I just didn’t want to. Anyway Eta gave blood and afterward she was really dizzy and loopy and she was acting drunk LOL. So I drove her home so she wouldn’t have to walk up the hill.

Then I hung out at home for a little bit, and then went to get a bunch of pictures developed, and then went tanning. Ahh.

Then I babysat Mitchell which was an easy $40. But his mom Denise is a good cook and I ate a ton and now I have a stomach ache. 😦

Yeah. That’s all.

To tomorrow being a good day!


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