don’t tell her it’s because you had a bad dream.

8 January, 2006

Well, yesterday WAS a good day.

I lounged around all day, not really doing anything. Except I did do a little homework, math and some APLA. So that was good.

Then at 6 I went and saw WALK THE LINE again with Charla, Eta, and Michelle because they had never seen it. I was afraid they wouldn’t like it or that it wouldn’t live up to their expectations, since I kept talking about how good it was. But they all liked it. And it was just as good the second time! I frickin’ love that movie, and I want to see it again. Yay. It’s so great. Ahh. ♥♥ Love it. Kristen, Dahlia, and Molly saw it yesterday, too, but at a different theater. And they all loved it too. YAY.

Then we went to Michelle’s. Meg and Tegan came over too. They are seniors who are on ASB (Associated Student Body) with Eta and in Key Club and everything. At first I was all, eh, and didn’t really want them to come over. I like Tegan, she’s cool, but I didn’t really like Meg before. And because Eta likes them SO much, she talks about them a lot, and I don’t know I was afraid she would be different around them and it would be awkward.

But it wasn’t. I like them better now. They’re best friends and it’s really cute. And them and their group of friends is a lot like our group of friends, or at least I think so. Not super popular. Smart, but not so nerdy that we don’t do anything on the weekends, and we still dress cute and care about things like that. So, all of us just hung out at Michelle’s for awhile.

But then Marina, Lucy, and Devon came over. Then it wasn’t so fun, because it got really cliquey. Marina acts too cool for Meg & Tegan, and so she went in the other room to hang out. That is the problem about Michelle’s house, people always split up into the different rooms and it’s not as fun when it’s cliquey! And of course Lucy and Devon and Michelle followed Marina, their ringleader. It’s annoying because Lucy, Marina, and Devon are like a little group. That’s fine and whatever. But then Michelle tags along and thinks they like her, but they don’t really and they talk behind her back a lot. It’s mean and I wish she wouldn’t be so clueless and would stick with her actual friends but no. I hate it when that happens!

Then Charla, Eta, Meg, Tegan, and I left and went to get food.

Then Dahlia texted me and was like, “Hey buddy what’s up?” That made me happy because I’m always the one who texts her when we DO text, but she texted me this time. Then we were just texting for a few minutes and she called me and was like, “Are you still getting food? We’re gonna come visit you!” So then her and Kristen came and visited me, yay. I hadn’t seen Dahlia in like a week. Even though I only saw them briefly it still made me happy …

We went back to Michelle’s briefly to pick Fer up because we were her ride home. So I went downstairs to get her and I said to the whole group, “I think we’re gonna go … ” and Marina, Lucy, and Devon just like looked at me. No, “Okay, bye!” I hate it when people don’t say bye. It’s gotten to be a pet peeve of mine because my group does it SO much. They just, don’t say bye. I say I’m leaving and they don’t say anything. It’s just rude and doesn’t make me feel very welcome … UGH. Freakin’ annoying. Michelle said bye, but that was all. Marina just looked at me with raised eyebrows. What did I do to her (recently)? And of course Lucy and Devon did the same because they’re her followers. GAH.

Anyways. While Charla and I drove Fer home, she was in a really bad mood. Again, what did we do to her? Nothing. But she was really pissy. God.

And apparently Marina said about Meg and Tegan, “That’s awkard. Why are they here. Don’t they have their own friends?” And that was bothering Eta because Eta wants us all to be friends. I told her not to worry about it because Marina’s a drama queen and we all know it. It’s rude though.

I talked to Kristen when I got home and she was all, “You looked so pretty tonight. Me and Dahlia were all, “omgshe’ssocute.” aw. 🙂 And I had thought that while Dahlia was texting me, Kristen was kind of telling her what to say. But Kristen said that Dahlia didn’t even tell Kristen we were texting.

AND, we’re going to my cabin next weekend! Just for friday night, maybe Saturday night too but probably not. It’ll be fun! It’ll be me, Kristen, Dahlia, Molly, Laura, and Andrea. Yayyy. I love Kristen & her friends, and I’m excited to hang out with them because I haven’t in awhile. Well, it feels like a really long time but it’s only been like a week, but it’ll be fun. 🙂

So I have that to look forward to this week, just have to get through this week …

Oh, and next weekend is a three day weekend. Monday off. Yay.

Okay. Homework.


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