baby you’re a lost cause.

26 January, 2006

I have been a bad updater lately…=\

Umm this week has been pretty good.

Charla and Marina are kind of friends now. WEIRD.

I made Eta a mix CD and our APLA teacher saw the song list and liked all the people on there. I think he was impressed I liked them, too, since they aren’t really pop or anything. He was all, “OH, Elliott Smith!” and starting talking about him. Then we listened to it in his class. 🙂

In pre-calc we got our Chapter 4 tests back, and I got 28.5/35. Eh.

In Chemistry I got 26/30 on the test …

In APUSH I got 27/30 on the test. And 7/9 on the essay.

So all that was good.

And I’m all done with my projects in Ceramics.

Next week is finals though.

I’m getting my hair cut on Saturday. I’m not telling anyone in real life though because I want it to be a surprise!

Not much else to say.

Three songs you must download:

The Commander Thinks Aloud (Future Mix) – The Long Winters
Lost Cause – Beck
Driving Me Mad – Neil Finn


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