I hate high school.

21 January, 2006
I haven’t updated since Sunday? Geez.

Okay so … on Monday I babysat Sam & Charlie. šŸ™‚ They were super cute and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I got $75 for the whole day, so that’s really good.

Then I came home and had a little homework to do, but not too much. Overall it wasn’t a bad last-day-of-weekend.

On Wednesday of this week I stayed home sick. I THOUGHT it wouldn’t be that bad of a day to miss, but I thought wrong … I missed the Finance, Key Club, and National Honors Society yearbook pictures. They took them ALL on the same day!! And those are all my clubs, so I’m not going to be in the yearbook like, at all. šŸ˜¦ Oh well … I mean I don’t really care that much but it’s always fun to be in the yearbook a lot.

Yesterday in APLA we had to write an in class essay about a controversy and I wrote about the James Frey thing, and I think it was a pretty good essay too.

Also had a pre-calc test yesterday and UGH, that was hard. Don’t think I did so well on that.

And … I had a Chemistry test too but it was pretty easy.

Yeah. I can’t wait for the semester to be over so I can be done with Ceramics. I leave like every day, and it’s getting pretty bad. I think I get to T.A. for the career center next semester, which will be reallly nice.

Oh, I had a job interview on Thursday! It was through Teen Jobs, so it was kind of like a follow up interview from last time. But they didn’t really ask me that many interview-like questions. Just a few, and then started going into what I’ll be doing. So I guess that’s a good sign? Since they kept saying, “You’ll be doing … ” instead of “You would be doing … ” But maybe that’s what they say to everyone? Because they never said like, okay, you’re hired or anything! I guess we’ll just see. I hope I get it … because it pays $9 an hour!

Oh, and how could I forget? American Idol was on this week … it was pretty good. Dahlia came over and watched it both nights with us. šŸ™‚ I saw her every day between last Wednesday and this Thursday, hahah. You know how at the beginning of AI they were showing some highlights? And they showed the Kiss? Well, I don’t think Dahlia quite knew the extent of my AI loving, or why I love it so much. And she went, “I think they should hook up.” about Simon and Paula. That just proves … how cool she is. šŸ˜‰

I’ve been talking to Marina a lot lately. She keeps texting me with things saying like how she is in such a bad mood and it’s been a bad month but she’s glad we’re hanging out this weekend. or, before we had plans to hang out, “I miss you and we NEED to hang out!” or … “I decided you’re cool person number one / only person I want to be friends with after high school.” It’s sweet … and unexpected.

You know what else is weird? Marina has been being really nice to Charla lately. I’m not complaining, it’s great. Like, she called me one night this week and asked for Charla’s phone number. I told her I never thought she would ask me for Charla’s number, lol. But I was like, “Why …. ?” It was because they were doing a group project together in APLA and Marina felt bad for not doing a lot of work. So that was nice of her.

About this weekend, Marina and I and other people want to drink on Winter Ball night because well, we’re not going and we need to cheer ourselves up somehow. Lol.

But, Marina asked me if Charla was going to come this weekend. I said I hadn’t told her about it really because I didn’t think she (Marina) would want her (Charla) to come. And I don’t like to create awkward (for me) situations. And Marina was like, “Oh, well she can come if she wants. It is fine with me.” But I thought Marina was just being like tolerant. I still didn’t want to invite Charla because I thought if she actually ended up coming, Marina would get annoyed with her. And, Charla is kind of more annoying when she’s drunk so if Marina wasn’t annoyed with her normally, she would be then. So I just hadn’t talked to Charla about it yet.

Then Marina texted me yesterday and was like, “Oh, I invited Charla to hang out with us this weekend!” I was like, whaaat? It’s fine though. If Marina invited her herself then I’m not in the awkward situation if I feel the tension between them, lol. And, they’re two of my best friends, who have never gotten along, so I’m really happy that they are.

Marina is being super nice to Charla. Yesterday Marina, Charla, Lucy, and Devon came over to my house after school, and Vanni & Fer for a little bit but then they left. And then the rest of us walked around the lake and then came back here to watch The Office. And the WHOLE time, I didn’t see Marina roll her eyes at Charla, or have a little remark under her breath, or even show any sign of being annoyed with Charla. (Lucy, on the other hand …. ) It was great. I hope this continues (which it probably won’t, but whatever) because it’s really nice and making me happy that they’re getting along.

They even had this little inside joke thing. Well not really an inside joke, but something they had talked about earlier, when I wasn’t there. I said it, and they turned to each other and laughed because they had already thought of it earlier. It was so surreal! lol.

Anyyyways. So tonight is Winter Ball night, like I said. I’m not going, obviously. Gah. Oh well. It’s just annoying that I like took initiative, did something about the fact that I wanted to go and wanted a date. And asking Tony didn’t work out … whatever. But Michelle on the other hand, didn’t do ANYthing about it. She didn’t ask anyone or “take initiative” or whatever. But our friends, like Vanni and Eta, kept trying to set her up with a date! I’m the one who did something and I obviously want a date but they didn’t help me to find a date at all. Gah.

But … Michelle didn’t end up going because her date “lost his wallet” yesterday and couldn’t buy a ticket. I think Michelle isn’t going now, but I’m not sure. She has her own ticket, so she might go. But alone??

Michelle is being weird lately, though. She is like antisocial and depressed. For example yesterday when we were all hanging out, we invited her, and she texted back and said, “I think I’m just going to go home. I’m not in a good state right now and I just feel like being alone.” That was weird. Michelle’s never like that! And then she never called us later, so I think she stayed home alone all night. Maybe she was depressed about the Winter Ball thing, but it’s not like she went out of her way, put herself on the line to ask this guy. She got SET UP by Alisha. And it’s not like it was personal that he didn’t want to go, he probably just thought it would be too awkward since they have never talked! It’s not as bad as say … asking someone you like, and them saying no, and then not having a date at all. Yeah?

Speaking of that, I was saying something about that when we went to dinner on Monday for Meg’s birthday and Eta was like, “Well, Corinne, I know how you feel.” And I was like, oh really?? Hers was that she called this kid that went to our middle school and we still talk to sometimes, and asked him if he wanted to come to our Winter Ball, as friends, because she didn’t have a date. And he said yes, but then he called back and said he forgot it’s his mom’s birthday so he can’t go. And Eta somehow thought that was as bad as my experience. Sorry, but no. First of all, it was AS FRIENDS. And it was because she couldn’t find any other date, it wasn’t like he was her first choice!! She just wanted a date at that point, she didn’t care who. And finally, it wasn’t personal. It probably was his mom’s birthday, or he just thought it would be too awkward (which it wouldn’t have been). I don’t know, I just don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad as mine …

So the final dates are:

Vanni & Matt
Mya & Aiden
Riley & Lee

that’s one group.

Eta & Brett (guy in Vanni’s math class who needed a date, he’s kind cute šŸ™‚
they’re going with the seniors, since he is a senior and Eta is good friends with Meg & Tegan, etc.

Michelle & ? maybe not going at all
She was going to go in Maddie and etc’s group.

then like Brent and Ali are going with Maddy, Elle, etc. AND, Brent’s little brother is going with Ali’s little sister. How CUTE. *gag* Aaaaand Brent & Ali are getting a hotel room after. *gag again* at least she’s moving on the 27th to the other side of the country.


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