in which I wonder if this is normal.

27 January, 2006

Tonight was pretty good.

I was in a reallly depressed mood when I updated. Charla called me and asked if I wanted to do anything, and at first I said I didn’t really feel like it. But then I decided it would be better for me to do something with her and take my mind off stuff (not that I even know why I was feeling so depressed).

So she came over. We went to visit Kristen at Starbucks (she works there) and then rented Someone Like You, with Ashley Judd.

It was really cute. I liked it. 🙂 I didn’t think there were still good chick flicks out there that I hadn’t discovered, but apparently there are!

We didn’t hang out very late because she is taking a practice SAT in the morning. That sucks. I’m glad I’m not. Even though I could use the practice, whatever.

When we visited Kristen she asked if I had talked to Dahlia at all today, and I said no I haven’t. Kristen said I should hang out with Dahlia and it’s not that weird because she’s only a year and a half or so older than me.

And then on our way home from Starbucks, Dahlia called me. She had just gotten to work (she works there too, that’s how they know each other) to visit Kristen, not because she had to work, and I had just left and she realized we just missed each other!

And I think Kristen told her, like, “You should call Carmen!” Because Kristen always encourages us to be friends and stuff (which is nice and all). And Kristen probably expected me to invite Dahlia over, since she had just told me that.

But like … it would be weird without Kristen there. Kind of. But more than that I would have done it if Charla wasn’t there. But with Charla and Dahlia would’ve just been kind of weird … I wouldn’t really know how to act or whatever. And we rented a chick flick that I doubt she would like anyways.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this but yeah. I just don’t want Dahlia to think I don’t like her or don’t want to hang out with her or anything, because I totally do. I don’t know what it is, but I always want to be around her. It always cheers me up when she is over or when she calls me or texts me or something.

And sometimes if I don’t see her for a few days or don’t talk to her or something, then I’ll miss seeing her and just feel kind of blah, you know? And I would tell people like my friends or my mom but it sounds so weird. She’s not even my friend, she’s Kristen’s. And I don’t usually care if I don’t see someone for a few days, especially if they aren’t one of my actual friends. Well, I do consider her my friend, but not like traditional meet-at-school type. But like I said she’s just the type of person I want to be around, and if I am not around her for awhile I miss her.

And yeah. Is this all weird?


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