A really crappy day. :(

1 February
Yesterday was good because I got to sleep in and my finals weren’t hard at all.

Today was crappy because:

-I had to go to my chemistry tutorial to get help, and I didn’t even finish what I wanted to.
-I had to present my current event in Finance.
-My Finance final was kind of hard … eh.
-Chemistry final was REALLY hard.
-I had to tutor after school.
-I got a call after school saying I didn’t get the job I applied for. 😦
-I have to study a lot tonight for my APLA and APUSH finals.
-I only got 19/30 on my The Things They Carried annotations, which is a D. FUCK.


Crappy mood.

Today was the last day of tutoring for this semester, so technically I don’t have to do it anymore.

I was really hoping I would get the other job because it paid really well and was going to look really good on applications and it would mean I wouldn’t have to tutor anymore.

I like tutoring okay but I’m just getting sick of it.

I don’t HAVE to do it anymore but I feel like I should … because:

-it took Nadia so long to get comfortable around me and everything, it would be a waste of her time to have to do that all over again. It would be like going backwards in her learning process …
-Long term commitments look good on college apps and resumes. I have done it for 4 months, but I feel like I should do it for 4 more because it looks good.
-Even though it’s very little money, I like getting paid. it’s better than nothing.
-I just feel like I should be doing something after school since I’m not going to have anything else to do really.

But I just don’t want to do it anymore. Vanni isn’t doing it next semester and I don’t want to … I’m sick of it and I don’t like the people there and it’s boring. But what else am I going to do to make some money / put on college applications?

ugh. I hate finals. I wish I had gotten that job, really bad.

Tomorrow for the APLA final we are taking a full lenght A.P. LA exam. Multiple choice and two essays. and then in APUSH we are writing a DBQ. AND I have to get up early tomorrow because we’re taking the APLA multiple choice during the tutorial.

GOD. today sucks really bad.


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