be my valentine?

14 February
Ahh so little time.

The internet is stressing me out lately.

Because I don’t have the time/energy to check the boards often enough to find out about Paula’s appearances, and then I don’t get to see them until/unless someone makes a clip (people need to make clips) …. and everyone’s talking about it and I don’t know what they’re talking about and yeah …

Ahhh well.

School has been fine. Uneventful.

My APLA teacher wrote back to my rebuttal (did I even talk about that yet?) that I wrote him about the D grade on my The Things They Carried Annotations … and he basically wrote a five paragraph essay to say no, he would not change my grade. Frickin’ annoying. I so don’t like that class anymore, or him as a teacher. As a person he is cool, but not a teacher.

I don’t really understand what we’re doing in pre-calc, but I do in Chemistry. Weird.

APUSH has been pretty boring, and T.A. is officially my favorite class. I get so much done and it’s a great way to end the day and yeah.

Today Kristen had to work. Dahlia came over and we went to visit Kristen at work and then she stayed here for dinner and to watch American Idol. I love that me and her can hang out even if Kristen isn’t there.

Speaking of Kristen, I was kind of annoyed with her this past week. I just feel like sometimes she doesn’t care. It’s hard to explain but … like, half the time she doesn’t listen to what I’m saying, and she only starts to listen if I mention someone she knows. If I say, “I had a bad day.” She’ll just be like, “Sorry.” and not ask why or if she can do anything. Which I don’t expect ALL the time but at least once in awhile. And I was just comparing her to Katherine and Katherine seems much more caring. And just, involved in my life? If that’s a good way to describe it?

Also I just felt like she doesn’t see me as a FRIEND like I see her, she just sees me as a little sister. She doesn’t really usually tell my stuff unless I ask her about it, or once in awhile she’ll be in a sharing mood. Compared to Katherine, who tends to talk about herself a little TOO much, I don’t know who I’d choose. But at least Katherine listens to me, too, not JUST talks to herself. And I know that Katherine considers me one of her best friends, and I do for her, too. But Kristen I think I’m just like, … little sister who tags along sometimes. Or that’s how she makes me feel sometimes.

Anyways I told it to my mom, and she knew what I meant. She said, “There’s just something missing there … ” about Kristen. My mom also says that I’m the most like her. πŸ™‚ Which I take as a compliment. Not that she likes any of us the best, she loves us all the same. And I think she’s done a really good job of showing that, and never playing favorites or anything.

I think my mom said something to Kristen though about what I was complaining about, because the past two days it seems like Kristen has actually been making an effort to ask me how my day was. Honestly she doesn’t usually do that. Or maybe she has just changed on her own, but my mom probably said something. I need to ask her that.

This past weekend … on Friday I went to the showing. It is where the video productions class showcases the videos they made over the semester, or the best of the videos that were made. It was good. I was impressed. Then I went to visit Norma who was at work (taco place), and then just home ’cause my friends are lame.

Oh yeah and before the showing I had my family birthday celebration. More than a month late, yeah. I got clothes, money, etc. Best of AI DVD. AND

WALK THE LINE movie poster. It’s massive & I love it. That’s my favorite present.

Dahlia came over for the family thing, too. πŸ™‚ I texted her during the day and she “you should come over for my birthday thing tonight, since you’re basically part of the family now!” and so then she did. And then Dahlia forwarded what I had sent her to Kristen to show her, and Kristen texted me and said, “That message you sent Dahlia was so sweet! I think it made her day :)” Aw.

Then on Saturday I had Charla, Michelle, and Fer over here. We watched Just Like Heaven, which was cuter the second time than the first. It was a good night for a bad day … I don’t know I was just feeling pretty depressed that day.

Finally, Sunday … did homework. Had a MASSIVE study guide in APUSH.

Yeah. Ummm what else. That’s pretty much all I can think of to update about.

Oh, happy valentine’s day! I keep forgetting that it is. Usually I’m all, wah wah poor me I have no Valentine. There was a degree of that this year, but a really really small degree. I guess I’m just not thinking about it so I don’t care. I’m not in one of those I-need-a-boyfriend type moods today, so that helps.

For V-Day some girl brought Tony like a flower and a balloon and he didn’t know who she was. Ah. I guess I’m glad I’m not the only one who did something like that. I mean, we know each other and we talk every once in awhile, but I still feel like he thinks it’s weird/random that I asked him to winter formal … but at least he knows who I am. Unlike the other girl.

Here are three songs that I can’t stop listening to:

-Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey
-Bless the Broken Road – Rascal Flatts
-Alone – Carrie Underwood


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