Change is good.

29 January, 2006

I cut my hair! I like it. I haven’t decided yet if I like it AS MUCH as my long hair, but it’s not bad.

And I’m glad I did it because I needed a change.

I really like the highlights … They turned out good.

Also, I thought it looked good for just being air dried. With my long hair, it would look like crap if I didn’t do anything to it.

I don’t know if I’ll straighten it or style it the way they did for school. Probably more often straighten it because it’s easier.

So yeah. Everyone who has seen it so far has complimented me on it … which is nice.

Dahlia said I reminded her of Katherine. And I made a face haha, because that’s not necessarily what I’m going for. And then she went, “But prettier, because I like brunettes better.” 🙂 It’s always nice when people say I’m ______er than Katherine, just because I’ve been so insecure about not being as good as her.

People said I looked older, too. I don’t know about that. I hadn’t told any of my friend that I was going to do it, so they were all surprised. It’s better that way!

Yesterday I hung out with Marina, Michelle, Fer, Eta, Vanni, Charla, Lucy, and Devon.

We hung out at my house … went to the village for food, and then hung out at my house some more.

Ugh, Fer is like mad at me or something though. Because we had like briefly mentioned going out to dinner on Friday night, and that didn’t happen. She said she called me but I never got a missed call, or a message. I checked my phone today though and it turns out she did call, I just never saw it. Oops. But it was an honest mistake. She like confronted me about it though. She was like, “I thought we had plans.” Geez, sorry.

Today has been good. My mom left for a business trip today but she gets back on Wednesday.

I did my study guide pretty quickly. Other than that I went on a walk with Kristen and Dahlia in the rain. ‘Twas fun.

In the news of ex-crushes:

-Apparently Ali is coming here for Mid-winter break and like all summer. Staying with Brent. So I guess it’s not the last we’ll hear of her. meh.

-The British guy goes out with Kyra, this girl who went to my middle school. She’s cute though and really nice so … good for them. They are a cute couple.

Yep. Tata for now.


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