I need you so much closer.

19 February
Mmmk … school. Is hell.

I was so stressed out on Thursday night / Friday.

I had a reader’s journal due in APLA. Then the counselors came in to talk to us and were telling us all this stuff we have to do and blah blah blah it stressed me out. And then our teacher was talking about our dialectical journals … and I pretty much think I’m going to have to redo all mine because they’re not good enough. Because I use sparknotes too much. Frick.

Then I had a math quiz, a chemistry test, and an APUSH in class DBQ.

I was about ready to explode.

but then it was over. Hallelujah.

On Friday night I went to dinner with Kristen, Katherine, Dahlia, Sara, Bryan, and Nicole (Kristen’s friends).

That was good I guess. Kind of uneventful but my friends weren’t doing anything better so yeah.

On Saturday I didn’t really do anything all day … eventually went to the mall with Katherine and returned some things. Then we went to dinner with my aunts.

And, oh my god … I saw my seventh grade lesbian math teacher. Ahhh so weird that I saw her.

Then we came home and well … my parents left for a ski trip on Saturday morning. I’m leaving tomorrow; later because I didn’t want to be gone for ALL of my break.

So, since they’re out of town, I had friends over. Marina, Lucy, Charla, Vanni, Riley, and Devon. Katherine and Dahlia were also here at points.

It was very fun at first. I had fun. Until Charla got sick. UGGGGGH. I understand if someone gets sick like one time, then they just know their limits and don’t drink that much anymore! But this is the second time Charla has gotten sick, and almost every time she drinks she gets really really drunk. Too drunk. I’m just sick of it!

So we had to like take care of her. She was lying on the couch when she threw up … so it got on that and on the carpet. Luckily the carpet is one of those ones where you can’t really see stains that well, and we cleaned it and stuff.

And Dahlia went to the store and bought like leather cleaner or something to clean the couch and you can’t even tell. But I’m never sitting in that spot again, ever.

And we had to take care of her and everything. Kind of ruined things.

I felt soo bad. Because 1 I was just worried about the couch and stuff and my mom finding out. And 2 DAHLIA IS THE SWEETEST PERSON EVER. She didn’t even HAVE to help, like she had no obligation too, but she still did. So much. She went to the store and got cleaning stuff and cleaned the couch and everything, she was just so helpful. I felt bad though, but I guess it’s not my fault. I don’t really feel BAD, just like, wow, she’s so nice. She didn’t even have to do any of that.

And a lot of towels and blankets and stuff got dirty from Charla, and our washing machine is broken, so Dahlia took all the dirty laundry to her house and is doing it for us!! Can you believe her? I love her. I really do. I don’t know what I would’ve done with out her!

And aw, this morning when she was leaving she was talking about how she talked to Molly and how Molly was like, “Why are you doing their laundry! You don’t have to do that!” And Dahlia was like, “I want to! They’re my family! Corinne’s my baby sis!” Awwww. 😀 She is my sister. ‘Cause when it was my family birthday party, I texted her and said she should come over because she’s basically part of the family now. And she told Kristen what I said, and Kristen told me she thinks it made Dahlia’s day. 🙂 Awww. And I think I’ve written about this in here before …

And she’s just so nice to me and all my friends. It’s like … she’s had so many life experiences and yet she is STILL this nice, and funny, and mature and sweet and everything. It really makes me respect her. And she doesn’t seem eighteen, at ALL. I’ve heard soo many people say they thought she was like 23, because she’s that mature.

Anyway. After we got Charla settled down and in bed and didn’t have to be like in the bathroom with her all the time, we had fun again. We were all pretty much fine by then so we decided to get drunk again. Lol why not. Except Katherine and Dahlia went to bed.

And Charla threw up again this morning. not as much, just once but still. ew. It was just like yellow liquid, which apparently means it was just stomach acid. not surprising since she doesn’t eat so there isn’t really anything to throw up. She’s fine now, but it was gross/scary/annoying. Control yourself, please.

And like I said, I understand if it’s a one time thing. But it’s NOT. I don’t even want to drink with her anymore. We all had to clean up after her and it was gross and ruined our night (well I still had fun but it would’ve been better if that hadn’t happened). I had to clean the toilet this morning! grosssssss.

And then today everyone didn’t leave until like 3. I wanted them to leave sooner, but I couldn’t really kick them out. And the house is sparkly clean … it looks suspiciously clean, lol. It wouldn’t be this clean normally.

So tomorrow I’m leaving for skiing. Blah. I’ll still have computer access there, but I don’t know if I’ll update. I don’t really want to go … because I don’t even like skiing that much. I just want to relax … and that’s not really my idea of relaxing. Maybe that’s just the mood I’m in right now. But I’m definitely not going to ski every day this week. I get back next Saturday.

And next Monday is Dahlia’s 19th birthday! She invited me to her birthday dinner. 🙂 That’s another thing I like about her, I think … well she’s actually like my FRIEND, she invites me to do stuff and wants to hang out with me and stuff, as opposed to just seeing me as her friend’s little sister who kinda tags along. Because I’m only a little less than two years younger than her.

Anyway … for her birthday … I want to get her a good present! Something she’ll really like … but I have no idea what. She likes … I don’t know! She doesn’t care about material stuff that much. So maybe just like write her a nice card? I don’t know! I have a week to think about it … I want her to like it.

anyway. I have to go to sleep I’m really tired.


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