the man of my dreams

23 February
We didn’t go skiing today. So we slept in, I watched Idol with Kristen and my mom because they missed it last night.

Dahlia texted me last night and says she misses me. Aw, I miss her too. She called off her birthday dinner because of Molly drama. She told Kristen the only people she really wanted to see were me and Kristen. SO Yay. I want to see her too.

When Kristen gets back from her massage we’re either going ice skating or sledding or just for a walk because it’s snowing.

I hope American Idol is good tonight.

Oh .. randomness … Brent was in my dream last night. It was like we were studying Chem together and then we were talking on the phone for a really long time. I don’t know what that means. It’s weird though because I hadn’t really thought about him lately. Plus, he is currently visiting Ali so that’s about as far away from me as he can be, or from being my friend or anything more than a friend. I don’t really care it was just weird.


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