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26 February
I’m home from the vacay now.

It was fun and everything, to ski, but I can only ski SO MUCH before I get bored of it, and there just wasn’t that much for me to do there besides skiing. There was stuff for people over 21 to do … heh.

And the drive there/back is TWELVE HOURS. And we do it in one day. That was yesterday. But at least I got a lot of homework done … ?

Then last night I went to Devon’s with Marina, Lucy, Nic, and Michelle.

MarinaLucyDevon are attached at the HIP. And they’re so not inclusive, they’re exactly the opposite, so it’s really annoying. I don’t care so much anymore because I know Marina well enough to just brush it off and not take her too seriously. But it still bothers me a teeny bit.

Uh … we played Uno. It was fun because it was like intense Uno and it got really competitive. Except they were all making fun of me because I didn’t know what was going on. I was tired!

Anyway then I drove Michelle home and then came home and hung out with Kristen & Dahlia a bit, then went to bed.

I didn’t want to go to bed because the sooner I went to bed = the sooner I fall asleep = the sooner I wake up = the sooner it’s Sunday and I have to do homework and it’s the last day of break. Blah.

I hate Sundays. They’re so incredibly BLAAAH.

Especially after being on vacation for a week, where it was, well, really sunny, and then coming back to grey skies and rain.

And also the house in empty, which I hate.

Kristen is out for the day and my step dad went skiing and of course Katherine & my step brother are at college so it’s just me and my mom.

If this is what it’s going to be like when Kristen moves out … I don’t think I can handle that. I hope she doesn’t move out too soon. If she could just stay for another year and a half, until I go to college …

It’s just too depressing for the house to be so empty and lifeless.

God, I’m really procrastinating bad today. I don’t think I could say one thing that I’ve gotten done since 11 AM, when I finished my study guide.

After that though … there is nothing I HAVE to do for Monday, but stuff I could do or stuff I will have to do for Tuesday and later in the week … but there isn’t that pressure to do it so I just don’t. It’s bad.

And I really SHOULD be doing it today because tomorrow is Dahlia’s birthday and she is going to be over here and want to do stuff and everything.

She mentioned maybe going to the new movie theater and seeing Something New.

I definitely want to hang out with her because it’s her birthday, and just because I would want to anyways.

And she is for sure coming over for dinner because her family won’t be doing anything.

It’s sad … today she was saying how her mom told her that she was trying to save some change to do something/give her something for her birthday, but it isn’t looking good in terms of rent. And Dahlia was like, “So I won’t be getting anything.” Aw, it just makes me kind of sad. I know it’s not the end of the world but still.

Did I mention Kristen got a new job? No more free drinks from Starbucks! Except Dahlia still works there so nevermind. But Kristen has worked there for 5 years, which is like eternity in Starbucks-world.

LOL speaking of that, it’s so funny to listen to her and Dahlia talk about work because there is all this lingo about Starbucks that I just don’t understand. And they associate customers with what they order instead of their names. And they imitate stupid customers. It’s really funny.

Her new job is at a company behind about five radio stations here. One is the main pop one, and then there is the country one, which is really Kristen’s favorite. She is excited. She might get to go to free concerts and meet people and stuff! Since it is where they broadcast and record everything, if some celebrity comes in to get interviewed or something, they’ll come to her, because she is the secretary type job. So that’s exciting. Except she probably won’t know who they are, LOL.

And Kristen and Dahlia are going to Disneyland next month! So jealous. Because Dahlia has never been there. So Kristen was like, “we have to go!” Dahlia did running start in high school, so she is ahead in credits, so she is able to take next quarter off to work and try and make money for her mom and her trip to Europe, and to just relax. So she is done until September on March 8th!! NO FAIR.

God it’s a really busy Spring.

Monday – Dahlia’s 19th birthday, tutoring
Tuesday – Walk the Line comes out!, American Idol
Wednesday – American Idol, tutoring, Kristen’s last day at Starbucks, two hour early dismissal, have to finish Macbeth …
Thursday – American Idol, Kristen’s first day at her new job.
Friday – Kristen’s Starbucks going away party, dialectical journals due, class registration for next year (I don’t know what classes to take!)
Saturday – hope to get my debit card, rearrange my room, and watch Walk the Line or Rent. And Sara’s birthday party.
Sunday – homework of course.
Monday the 6th – Character projects due, tutoring
Friday the 10th – Mom & step-dad leave for another ski trip
Saturday the 11th – Tolo (it’s girls-ask-guys and I don’t really have anyone I would want to ask) or if I don’t go, parents will be out of town so possibly have people over? I don’t want another Charla incident though, so maybe I’ll make Kristen have a party. Since I like her friends better anyways!
Wednesday the 15th – Katherine & step-brother home for Spring Break
Thursday the 16th – Spain meeting, Kristen & Dahlia leave for Disneyland
Friday the 17th – No school hurrah
Saturday the 18th – Mom & step-dad get home
Sunday the 19th – step-brother back to school
Tuesday the 21st – Mom’s birthday, Kristen & Dahlia home from Disneyland, step-dad to Las Vegas for business trip, Katherine to Palm Springs for Spring Break with her friends
Thursday the 23rd – step-dad home from Las Vegas
Saturday the 25th – Katherine home from Palm Springs
Sunday the 26th – Katherine back to school
Wednesday the 29th – Mom & step-dad leave for Palm Springs for business trip
Saturday the 1st – SAT, oh joy. Mom & step-dad home from Palm Springs
Sunday the 2nd – Fer’s 17th birthday
Wednesday the 5th – Spain meeting
Friday the 7th – Leave for SPAIN!!! Start of Spring Break
Sunday the 15th – Get home …
Week of the 17th – WASL Testing for Sophomores = sleeping in for Juniors!
Tuesday the 25th – Belle & Sebastian concert but tickets are probably already sold out.
Thursday the 4th – APLA Exam.
Friday the 5th – APUSH Exam.
Saturday the 6th – maybe SAT II U.S. History test?

And then some weekend within the next few months I hope to go up to ski with my friends because we have never done that. Like Michelle, Eta, and Lucy ’cause they’re the ones who ski/snowboard.
And we might go to Dahlia’s cabin some weekend, and go visit Katherine some weekend. The Decemberists are going to her school on April 15th, and I would SO go then, but I’ll be in Spain. Oh darn! đŸ˜‰

And yeah. That’s as far out as I can remember. Not that any of you probably care, but I needed to put that somewhere because it was stressing me out just having it in my brain.

You know what I need to do right now? Watch Friends. Screw homework …


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