love triangle

28 February
Goddddd this week is stressful.

Let’s see.

Going to APLA just stresses me out. Last night I annotated “On The Duty of Civil Disobedience” by Thoreau and it took FOREVER. And I still feel like I could have done a better job on it.

And then after that, I studied for the APUSH test that I had today. Which was really hard.

Yesterday my friends & I were talking about Tolo, and we were talking about asking people/or not, and Eta said I should ask Brent. I wish she hadn’t said that. Because … not that I’m going to do that … most likely … now she planted the idea in my head and that’s not a good thing LOL.

I would rather just party at my house on Tolo night, since my parents will be out of town. But I’m NOT inviting Charla.

I can’t even really look at her lately. I had to take her picture off the cover of my binder. It just disgusts me. I think of her, unable to walk or function or anything, with her eyes half open, throwing up over the toilet. For like an hour. And it grosses me out, and at the same time just pisses me off because the last FOUR TIMES she has gotten drunk people have had to look after her, take care of her, and worry about her. I was with her three of those times. And she’s thrown up two of the times, the other two, everyone just thought she would.

So … I’m just sick of it. But she’s clingy, ugh.

Oh yeah, Marina likes Devon. She JUST now admitted it to me, and I’m the only one who knows. She reallly likes him. Problematic … considering Michelle. But I’m glad Marina feels like she can tell me this stuff. When I told that to Kristen and Dahlia (even though I’m not supposed to tell anyone, but they don’t count), Dahlia went, “You didn’t know that?! I thought they were together when I came over.” LOL. Love her.

Speaking of her, it was Dahlia’s birthday yesterday. She came over to our house and had dinner. And we got her a present … well my step dad bought it but it’s from all of us. It’s a gift card to the school Bookstore (which has everything not just books) and a school t shirt. 🙂 I think she liked it. And then we had ice cream cake and sang her happy birthday. It wasn’t much, but I think it was more celebration than she has ever had on a birthday.

In pre-calc yesterday we got our quizzes from before the break back, and I got 28.5/30. YAY.

Today after school I went to Best Buy to buy the collector’s edition of Walk the Line. Yay again!

American Idol AND Amazing Race tonight. Good thing I don’t have as much homework as I did last night! But they overlap for a half hour … hmm.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow is a half day. 😀


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