makin’ the money

2 March
School has been so intense lately.

It started getting really stressful around the end of January. I thought it was just because of finals.

Then the next week I thought it was because of the new semester.

The next I thought it was because it was right before Mid-Winter Break.

And now it’s this week. I’m starting to realize that this is “Junior Year: The Hardest Year of High School” that everyone keeps talking about. =\

In APLA yesterday we had to recite our soliloquy (Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow from Macbeth).

Then we had a pop quiz on Acts IV & V. Which I hadn’t read. Because there is really no point in reading it when I get nothing from the reading. So I started just reading the summaries and sparknotes because I get more from that.

But the pop quiz was kind of on specific details that I didn’t know, but I went and checked in my book afterward and I think I got 100%. I’m a good guesser!

In pre-calc we had a quiz today and I got 10/10. Yay.

And in Chem we got our tests back and I got 88%. Eh it’s okay.

For APUSH … she hasn’t given us our grades yet, only told us that 8 people in each class failed the test. Eek, that’s a third of my class! I’m going to be mad if I don’t do okay because I studied a lot.

Tomorrow we’re registering for classes for next year. Which reminds me, I need to look up online and see if any of the colleges I’m looking at require more than one Art credit. I REALLY hope not. I appreciate art when other people do it but me, myself, I’m really not artistically inclined.

So, next year I’m taking:

AP American Government & Economics
AP Literature & Composition
AP Calculus
International Finance/Financial Planning
Either T.A./Fine Art or AP Statistics or T.A./T.A. (have to decideee that tonight)


Today at lunch Fer & I were talking about what we want to do in college.

She knows how I want to do something in psychology, and she said she thinks I would be a really good psychologist.

She said I am calming and I have a mellow vibe and I’m easy to talk to and I’m understanding and I’m not judgmental.

It was such a nice thing of her to say. And it made me really happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday was an early dismissal. So I got home at like 11:45.

I went to tutoring and did homework because Nadia is STILL in Hawaii. I also got my paycheck from Team Read yesterday — $70. That’s like nothing, though. Later I babysat Ava for an hour and made $12. And my aunt brought me a birthday card from my grandparents that they gave to her to give to me, and it had $10 in it. And Lucy gave me money for the alcohol from last Saturday night. So yesterday I made a total of $97. That’s not bad! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yesterday was Kristen’s last day at Starbuck’s. Dahlia and lots of other people gave her cards, and Dahlia gave her flowers. Then today was her first day at her new job. Dahlia made her a little good luck card. She’s so sweet.

And she has spent the night at our house the past five nights. LOL, She basically lives here. On me and my sisters’ doors, we each have a sign that says our name. They’re those kind that are from Hawaii and your name is written in like types of flowers and animals or whatever. Except mine’s from New York … haha. Anyway, we were saying how we should get Dahlia one and put it underneath Kristen’s. I think that’d be cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway. I have twelve dialectical journals to do by tomorrow so I better go do that. I always end up writing way more than I mean to! Sorry! =\


4 responses to “makin’ the money

  1. Eeek! Thatโ€™s too many AP courses lol. So did you end up doing what you planned then?

    • Yeah, I ended up taking all those classes. Luckily I had good teachers so it wasn’t too bad! (is that what you were asking about? lol)

      • I meant did you end up using all of the credits/knowledge you got from those classes to do what you wanted to in life. Like are you doing what you planned to do now?

      • well…that’s a good question. I think I mainly used those AP credits just to get IN to college, to show that I had good work ethic. Now that I’m in college, I’ve been taking psychology classes which is what I’ve wanted to do since high school, but I’m not so positive anymore about what I’ll do with a psychology degree. Now, the idea of being a therapist kind of scares me, so I might do something different with it.

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