madness (march).

4 March
Friday was quite possibly the most boring day of my life at school.

I didn’t do anything. I’m so not productive on Fridays, either. There were so many times where I should have been getting some homework done but I would much rather just sit there and watch the clock slowwwly move by.

The only interesting thing that happened:

In APUSH we got our tests back, the one that 8 people in each class failed. It was out of 30, but since only one person in all three classes got 30, she curved it to be out of 27, which was the next highest score.

I got 27!!! yayayayayayayayay!

but that was all.

I skipped T.A. because I was not going to get ANYthing done, and went to my house with Marina. We talked … very nice. I love our weekly skips. They’re fun times.

Then we came back to school after school. LOL I love it when we do that, because everyone will be walking out of school and we’re walking in and getting the weirdest looks.

I was supposed to go to the tutoring Ambassadors thing with Vanni … but our communication was off and she thought I didn’t want to go. But I thought we WERE going and I was waiting for her for awhile. That was annoying.

Finally I decided it was too late and went to Michelle’s with Marina and Devon.

We just hung out there for awhile. Then we went to Taco Time to visit Brent ’cause he works there, but we got there and realized none of us wanted anything to eat … LOL So we left. It was a little weird.

Then Vanni and Devon left and Marina, Michelle, and I went to my house. Elyse and Lucy came too and we started Walk the Line.

But then … Kristen’s going-away-from-Starbucks dinner was tonight, and she had invited me to go. I couldn’t decide if she was inviting me just to be nice, or if she really wanted me there, or what. So I ended up going. But by the time we got there, I had the worst headache, and really didn’t feel like being there.

AND, I got there and she goes to Dahia and says, “Corinne wants to sit by you! I promised her she could sit by you if she came!” Which was, um, a lie. She had said, “If you come you might want to sit by Dahlia since you know her the best.”

Then Dahlia was leaving after like 20 minutes and Kristen was like, “Corinne, you probably just want to leave when she does, right?”

Ugh it made me so mad because I had come because I thought she wanted me to. Then she told me to leave so I didn’t know what to think, and now Dahlia probably thinks I’m quite strange.

Anyway, then I left and went to Elyse’s and watched the rest of Walk the Line with them, and then came home because I just wanted to be home.

I don’t know why but I was really emotional last night. But I’m better today …


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