Sundays are so depressing.

5 March, 2006

Yesterday was pretty boring and uneventful. I basically did nothing all day.

Oh wait, I went to the bank with my mom to get a debit card. YAY. I need it for Spain … so I can just get money whenever I want and not worry about traveler’s checks or anything like that. And I just need a debit card anyways.

And … I was going to get my pre-calc homework done, but turns out I left my book and notes at school. Remember how Marina and I skipped 6th period? So I didn’t go to my locker after school like I normally do, and it just slipped my mind I guess. So … don’t know what I’m going to do about that. I went to school yesterday thinking it would be open because of sports and stuff but apparently not … it was locked.

Uggggh Kristen. She’s being kind of manipulative. First, the other night when she made it seem like the ONLY reason I came to dinner was to sit next to Dahlia. I love Dahlia and everything. But I don’t want her to think I’m like obsessed with her! And NEED to sit by her or anything. Because I hadn’t even said that.

Then, on top of that … yesterday she asked me where my phone was, and I said upstairs on my nightstand where it always is. I didn’t really think anything of her question until I found my phone and Kristen had texted Dahlia from my phone, pretending to be me, and telling her to come over. I didn’t like it because in the texts she was being really clingy/needy/pushy, and I didn’t want to look like that!

So I told Dahlia it wasn’t me, and Dahlia said Kristen thinks she’ll (Dahlia) be more inclined to come over if I invite her over instead of Kristen. Which probably isn’t true but whatever. It was just annoying.

Anyway. Dahlia did come over and we watched Walk the Line. yay. I love owning this movie. 😀

I attempted to do some homework throughout the day, but I was pretty unsuccessful. I didn’t really get anything accomplished yesterday.

Last night I went to Vanni’s with Marina, Devon, Michelle, Lucy, Brent, and Matt. We just hung out, and then watched movies. Except everyone was watching scary movies so Michelle, Lucy, and I went in the other room to watch American Pie and then Drive Me Crazy. Gotta love bad 90s movies … ah. It was fun to watch those movies, but the people in the other room probably would have been more fun to be around … oh well.

Then I came home and I’m quite depressed that today is Sunday. And I have to do a double study guide. And lots of Macbeth APLA work. And the house is going to be empty all day … blah.


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