almost famous.

8 March 2006

School has been boring. Nothing interesting has happened.

Today we went on a field trip for Finance. It was career day, so we went to this place downtown and speakers came and talked to us about their jobs. It was kind of boring, kind of interesting. I don’t really want to do anything in business though. I want to do something in psychology.

My parents are going out of town this Friday. So a get-together may be happening but it’s not for sure yet. It would be fun though, as long as nothing bad happened like last time.

If I do have one, Charla isn’t coming. I need to talk to her … but I’m so NOT confrontational and I don’t know what to say. I need to just say that I don’t want to have to worry about her / take care of her / have her ruin my night!! So she can’t come. I don’t know …

AI tonight. It was okay last night. I like … Lisa and Mandisa the best I think and then maybe Katharine or someone … Oh! What was that song called that Kellie sang? I like that song. And … I think the judges were pretty boring last night.

And then I watched the first episode of Amazing Race … I’m a week behind … but so far I like the mom & daughter the best. They’re cute. 🙂 And I kinda like the pink girls … lol usually they would annoy me but they’re not that bad.

But TV has kind of been boring me lately.

You know what I’m jealous of?? Kristen and her new job. I’ve mentioned this before but she is the receptionist/secretary type job at a the company behind 5 stations here. It’s where the studio is and everything, so a lot of cool things have happened already.

Interesting/exciting things that have happened to her in her first week there:

-she met a member of the bronze medal winning US hockey team
-she talked to Blaine Larsen (country artist) on the phone
-she met the Lost Trailers, an up and coming country group
-the DJs called her & she was on the air
-Michelle Branch was in today (I don’t know yet if she met her or if she was just there)
-Nick Lachey is coming in tomorrow
-and she gets lots of free stuff! & maybe advantages for concerts …

frickin A isn’t she lucky?? I’m mainly jealous that interesting things always happen there. Wherever I end up working, I’m afraid it’s going to be boring and monotonous and I’m going to dread going.

The reason the DJs called her is because they had met her, but they didn’t know that her ex boyfriend, is one of the DJ’s cousins. So they were like, “I was just parusing myspace last night, because I’m a myspace whore, and … are you the Kristen that used to date Keola’s cousin?” and she said yeah. But then they admitted that they just recognized her, they didn’t find it on myspace (’cause you wouldn’t be able to tell that from her myspace) and then they talked on the air for a few minutes.

She’s lucky and I’m jealous.

And I don’t want to go to tutoring in a few minutes, and do homework tonight, and go to school tomorrow.

I hope Dahlia comes over for AI tonight because I had fun with her and Kristen last night and I hope this weekend is fun.


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