home alone

31 March
The only interesting things that happened today all had to do with school …

Had a test in pre-calc. I think it went well. I checked all my answers about 239,487 times, so I better have done well.

In Chemistry we got our tests from last week back. It was the one where I wasn’t sure I was ready to take it, and I had my mom write me a note saying I could be excused from Chemistry in case I decided I wasn’t ready yet. But I ended up just going because I wanted to get it over with. And guess who got the highest grade in the class? Can you believe that?! Me and Claire (a girl in my class who is really smart and really nice) tied for the highest score, an 87%. So we set the curve. He added 12% to everyone’s grade, so mine is 99% now! Yay, that made me really happy.

In APUSH we got an in-class DBQ we wrote awhile ago back. I got a 6 (out of 9 for the AP scale) which is good. For that class, I usually consider a 6 good enough. If I get a 7 or an 8 I’m really happy. And if I [ever] get a 9, I’d be … ecstatic. Below a 6 isn’t so good, and I was afraid I was going to get a 4 or a 5, so I’m happy with my 6. She wrote some good constructive criticism on there too, so that’s good.

Then we got our quizzes from last Friday back. I got 18/20, which is good. But it made my grade in the class go DOWN. Because before this we had only had one test and I got 100% on it, so my grade in the test/quiz category was 100%. Now it’s … not. But I still have a good grade.

Yep. So all of that stuff was pretty good news.

All the classes were short today because we had a pep assembly at the end of the day. It was pretty good, I thought.

Oh geez. So erm … Kristen went out to a bar last night. And my parents are out of town so it was just me home. It was scary. 😦

Anyway, I expected Kristen to get home at like 2 or 3, because that’s when she usually gets home. And she said she would be coming home.

But I couldn’t sleep very well. Probably because I was stressed out and I hate being home alone at night. Especially at my house. We have these huge windows that cover up the whole wall in the family room. So if the lights are on inside and it’s dark outside, people can see in and I can’t see out. That just really creeps me out. I’m always afraid a scary face is just going to pop up or something. I swear I should be like a scary-movie director, I think of the weirdest things when I’m scared.

Anyway, I kept waking up and looking out my window to see if she was home yet. Around 2 and again around 3 I kept waking up. She wasn’t home yet but I was thinking she would be soon because the bars close at 2.

Then I fell asleep until again until like 5. I woke up and looked outside and she STILL wasn’t home. So then I got kind of worried. I just didn’t know where she was/why she wouldn’t call or something.

I texted her but she didn’t respond. I couldn’t really go back to sleep which sucks. I got up at 6:15 to start getting ready and I called her and she didn’t answer or call back.

So I was just worried throughout the whole morning …

Then at the beginning of finance she texted me and said “I’m fine :)” but I still didn’t know where she was. Called her at break and turns out she spent the night at a friend’s because she got tired/too drunk to drive home.

I’m glad she’s okay. I told my mom and my mom said they will have to have a talk about her “responsibilities in the family” because my mom asked her to stay home with me while they were out of town but she hasn’t really been taking care of me.

And I told Dahlia too, who’s over right now but in the shower, and she had the same reaction as my mom. They both seem really disappointed in Kristen or something. I guess I understand that but I’m not like mad at her.

Anyway. I better go do some homework. I have a lot this weekend.


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