me encanta espana.

17 April
I’m home from Spain and I don’t want to be.

I loved it. Obviously I can’t tell you every little detail from the trip, so lets just say:

I had a ton of fun.
I loved Nancy (one of the chaperone’s) and I miss her.
Kris is kind of a moody bitch but that didn’t ruin anything.
I loved the group I traveled with.
Eight of us got really close and I hope we all hang out outside of Spain.
I liked the small towns better than Madrid.
I loved the narrow streets.
Shopping in Madrid wasn’t very exciting because it was all stuff you could buy at Forever 21.
I saw Columbus’ and Charles V’s tombs.
I loved Toledo and Mijas the most.
I got lost a lot.
We saw a lot of churches and palaces.
Every building was gorgeous.
Our tour guide, Nieves, was really nice and cute.
Bye bye British accents, I now love Spanish accents.
Everyone in our group got sick at one point, whether it was throwing up or just a cold.
I didn’t like Seville, too dirty and crowded and I had a bad getting lost experience there.
Being there during Holy Week (Semana Santa or Santa Semana? I forget.) was interesting but hectic.
It made me want to take more Spanish classes but realize how hard it would be to study abroad there.
Sangria is yummy.
It’s so cool being able to buy and order alcohol.
It was also cool seeing my name a lot.
Our tour bus was way too cold.
Granada was a good change after Seville.
Charla & I got left behind in Granada but we had an adventure and found our group.
I tried squid, shrimp, and octopus and all of them were gross but I’m proud of myself for trying them.
I got a little burnt/tan but I don’t know if people other than me can tell.
I went in the Mediterranean.
There were lots of flowers everywhere and they smelled really good.
There were two things I did (almost) every day: went to either a church or palace and drank some sort of alcohol.
The beach on the Costa del Sol was beautiful.
It was a long ride back.
I really miss it.
I miss Nancy and all the girls I was with.
It feels weird to have nothing to do and to be home and to not be with all those people.
I do NOT want to go back to school or do any of the work I need to do to catch up.


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