11/16ths done.

24 April
Today was an okay day.

This morning before school I checked my SAT scores.

Here is what all my scores look like so far:

PSAT October 2004: 520 Reading, 570 Math, ? Writing
Practice SAT September 2005: 570 Reading, 520 Math, 720 Writing, 1810 Total.
PSAT October 2005: 600 Reading, 600 Math, 680 Writing, 1880 Total.
SAT April 2006: 630 Reading, 620 Math, 630 Writing, 1880 Total.

So it’s an improvement for Reading and Math, but the writing went down enough to make up for it. Oh well. My excuse is that the writing is so arbitrary that it just shouldn’t count … so it would be 1200 improved to 1250, and that’s good, right? Whatever I’m happy with it.

Of course, at school everyone was talking about it. Eta asked me what I got first thing in the morning (she got a 1960) and I said I didn’t want to tell. Which probably made her and everyone who was there think I did bad. I’d rather have them think I did bad and then be pleasantly surprised than have them think I did good and be disappointed. But I just took satisfaction in being able to not tell them. They’re just too competitive and preoccupied with it. Them being Eta, Elyse, and Michelle.

I only told Charla and Lucy what I got. Charla because … she’s Charla and why not tell her? I can trust her and I don’t feel like she’s judging me, and Lucy because she doesn’t intimidate me. Plus I wanted to know what she got, because she took a $900 Princeton Review Class so I wanted to see if it helped. I don’t think it did $900 worth. She got 640 math, and she didn’t tell me what the other two were but they were less than me.

Charla got 2300. GENIUS. She was really happy though so I’m happy for her. All day everyone was all, “Did you hear what Charla got? OMG She’s not human!!” Just be happy for her, geez. She got 800 Reading, and then 740 and 760 on the other two but I don’t know which goes with which.

And I don’t really know what everyone else got because since I didn’t want to tell what I got, I couldn’t very fairly ask everyone what they got. Even though I’m a hypocrite because I want to know what other people got but I don’t want to tell. oh, well.

Ugh, but I have to take the SATs again in June. Because I haven’t taken a class yet, I’m taking it in May after the AP tests. So then it made the most sense to take the SATs immediately after to get the most benefit from the class. I’d rather take the SAT than an AP test, though.

Also, while I was looking for what my old PSAT scores were from Sophomore year and I found a really depressing journal entry about when we thought the trip to Spain was getting canceled. Oh man that sucked. Looking back on it now, after I’ve gone to Spain … it’s just sort of ironic. I remember feeling then like I would never get to go and if I ever did it was really far away. But now I’ve already gone and come back and that doesn’t even seem that long ago! But it was. Man, I remember how disappointed I was. That really sucked.

In APLA today we had to write an in class essay. The APLA test is in ONE WEEK. Shoot. I’m scared for that. The essay today wasn’t that bad, though. At least I didn’t think so, but we’ll see when I get my grade …

And in Chemistry I have the highest grade in the class … 😀 Higher than Claire, don’t know how that happened!! But of course he still has a lot of stuff to add, a lot of stuff that I probably didn’t do that well on, so we’ll see. I have a 96.4%, though.

Today I didn’t have to go to 6th period, TA, because the lady I TA for wasn’t there so I could just leave. So I came home at 1:20 and laid outside in the sun until 3 and evened my tan out a bit. Or should I say evened my burn out a bit, but it’ll turn to tan … right?

UGH I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. That is my least favorite thing in the world. The six months between appointments always go so fast. Tomorrow when I arrange my next appointment for October, I’ll be relieved because October is SO far away. I mean, it’s after an entire Summer and well into my senior year of high school. But then before I know it, it’ll be September and I’ll have to start flossing again …

Speaking of Summer … I think it’s the beginning of the fourth quarter right now. Only one quarter left and it should be one of the easier ones once the AP tests are over. And I’ve made it through 11/16ths of high school. Only 5 left, hallelujah …

Okay well, I better get back to Chemistry. byyye …


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