oh, happy day

7 May
I feel so so satisfied with yesterday.

Totally a different mood than I was in on Friday … or for the last two weeks.

I hadn’t been this happy since I was in Spain, but before that I don’t even remember. Maybe the first day of winter break? It had been a long time.

What I did yesterday … a lot!

In the morning I just lounged around and talked to my family. They left around noon to go to a wedding that I probably should’ve gone to but my mom let me get out of it.

So … I went to the store first. Printed my pictures from Spain! And now I can put them up around my room and on my binder and in frames.
Also I got this new mascara that I love already. Uh but now I can’t think of the brand. I love it though, that’s what matters, haha.

I came home and got ready then went to pick up Marina and we went to Michelle’s.

Okay, can I just tell you how much I missed Marina and Michelle. Together. With JUST them. I hadn’t hung out with JUST them in AGES. And we used to be like a threesome, best friends, always together. Summer between freshman and sophomore year. My mom would ask who I was hanging out with and it got to be “MarinaMichelle.” one word. And for awhile it hadn’t been as comfortable because Marina hooked up with Devin … but now they are pretty much good. Ahh it was just so nice. I’m so comfortable around both of them. And that is when I like Marina best, either with just me or just me and Michelle. And we all get along so well and want to do the same things and laugh together and reminisce about freshman and sophomore year and can talk about anything and always think the same things. It was funny because I had had practically the same conversations with both of them about different things (like Vanni and how she bugs us, Eta and Elyse, etc, just everything) and it would come up yesterday and I’d be like, “Yeah I already know you both agree because I had this conversation with both of you.” But they hadn’t known they agreed. Ah, I don’t know. It was just refreshing and I love them.

So after being at Michelle’s for a few minutes, we decided we were hungry so we went to get wraps. Yum.

After that we didn’t really know what to do and I had wanted to go shopping and they didn’t mind so we went to the mall. I just felt like accessory shopping. I got two necklaces from Nordstrom. Both are gold and one is just really long with some beads on it and the other has a bird thing on the end. Hard to describe though. Then two earrings. One bright blue pair of hoops that look like they’re from the 80s, and then one gold dangly pair. I also got brown leggings to wear under jean skirts.

Then at the Gap I got a headband that is white and striped, so me. I also got this bag that was in Gap Kids but I could totally wear it normally. It’s bright blue and has a yellow sparkly seahorse and yellow straps. It’s cute. πŸ™‚ And I got a ring.

At that point Aiden called us and had two tickets to a baseball game, so he was inviting Marina. But Marina said we should come, too, and just buy some tickets there. So we did … Oh and I drove I was proud of myself. πŸ™‚ I had never driven to the field before. Oh and Aiden had a parking pass so we got to park in the parking garage, for free. Yay. Michelle and I bought some $14 tickets. For the first part of the game we couldn’t sit with them because they were checking tickets, so we sat up in the outfield and just talked and stuff. We didn’t really care. Then like halfway through Marina texted us that they weren’t checking tickets anymore so we went down there. It was section 133 like right behind home plate so that was nice. And we actually WON! I must be good luck. The score was 4-1, so that was fun! And it just felt like Summer, ah.

Then I drove us back to Michelle’s. On the way home I had to drive on the freeway which I had only done like 3 times so that was exciting! It was fine though and they didn’t know I hadn’t done it a lot. After Aiden left at Michelle’s it was just Marina, Michelle, and I again. πŸ™‚ Other people kept calling us throughout the night but we never answered because we just wanted it to be us. Is that mean? Kind of exclusive but I think it’s understandable.

Michelle had some strawberries so we melted chocolate chips and dipped the chocolate in them! And we took some cute pictures. We rented Two Weeks Notice and watched that while we at the strawberries. Yummy! Even though I had just watched Two Weeks Notice last weekend, I didn’t care because it’s such a cute movie anyways. I LOVE HUGH GRANT. I think I want to buy that movie, it’s so cute.

Then I drove Marina home and then came home. It was such a fun day. Ahh I was so HAPPY. And I still am, because this is the first time in awhile I’ve actually been satisfied with my weekend AND I don’t have too much homework to do today.


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