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love triangle

28 February
Goddddd this week is stressful.

Let’s see.

Going to APLA just stresses me out. Last night I annotated “On The Duty of Civil Disobedience” by Thoreau and it took FOREVER. And I still feel like I could have done a better job on it.

And then after that, I studied for the APUSH test that I had today. Which was really hard.

Yesterday my friends & I were talking about Tolo, and we were talking about asking people/or not, and Eta said I should ask Brent. I wish she hadn’t said that. Because … not that I’m going to do that … most likely … now she planted the idea in my head and that’s not a good thing LOL.

I would rather just party at my house on Tolo night, since my parents will be out of town. But I’m NOT inviting Charla.

I can’t even really look at her lately. I had to take her picture off the cover of my binder. It just disgusts me. I think of her, unable to walk or function or anything, with her eyes half open, throwing up over the toilet. For like an hour. And it grosses me out, and at the same time just pisses me off because the last FOUR TIMES she has gotten drunk people have had to look after her, take care of her, and worry about her. I was with her three of those times. And she’s thrown up two of the times, the other two, everyone just thought she would.

So … I’m just sick of it. But she’s clingy, ugh.

Oh yeah, Marina likes Devon. She JUST now admitted it to me, and I’m the only one who knows. She reallly likes him. Problematic … considering Michelle. But I’m glad Marina feels like she can tell me this stuff. When I told that to Kristen and Dahlia (even though I’m not supposed to tell anyone, but they don’t count), Dahlia went, “You didn’t know that?! I thought they were together when I came over.” LOL. Love her.

Speaking of her, it was Dahlia’s birthday yesterday. She came over to our house and had dinner. And we got her a present … well my step dad bought it but it’s from all of us. It’s a gift card to the school Bookstore (which has everything not just books) and a school t shirt. 🙂 I think she liked it. And then we had ice cream cake and sang her happy birthday. It wasn’t much, but I think it was more celebration than she has ever had on a birthday.

In pre-calc yesterday we got our quizzes from before the break back, and I got 28.5/30. YAY.

Today after school I went to Best Buy to buy the collector’s edition of Walk the Line. Yay again!

American Idol AND Amazing Race tonight. Good thing I don’t have as much homework as I did last night! But they overlap for a half hour … hmm.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow is a half day. 😀


busy busy bee

26 February
I’m home from the vacay now.

It was fun and everything, to ski, but I can only ski SO MUCH before I get bored of it, and there just wasn’t that much for me to do there besides skiing. There was stuff for people over 21 to do … heh.

And the drive there/back is TWELVE HOURS. And we do it in one day. That was yesterday. But at least I got a lot of homework done … ?

Then last night I went to Devon’s with Marina, Lucy, Nic, and Michelle.

MarinaLucyDevon are attached at the HIP. And they’re so not inclusive, they’re exactly the opposite, so it’s really annoying. I don’t care so much anymore because I know Marina well enough to just brush it off and not take her too seriously. But it still bothers me a teeny bit.

Uh … we played Uno. It was fun because it was like intense Uno and it got really competitive. Except they were all making fun of me because I didn’t know what was going on. I was tired!

Anyway then I drove Michelle home and then came home and hung out with Kristen & Dahlia a bit, then went to bed.

I didn’t want to go to bed because the sooner I went to bed = the sooner I fall asleep = the sooner I wake up = the sooner it’s Sunday and I have to do homework and it’s the last day of break. Blah.

I hate Sundays. They’re so incredibly BLAAAH.

Especially after being on vacation for a week, where it was, well, really sunny, and then coming back to grey skies and rain.

And also the house in empty, which I hate.

Kristen is out for the day and my step dad went skiing and of course Katherine & my step brother are at college so it’s just me and my mom.

If this is what it’s going to be like when Kristen moves out … I don’t think I can handle that. I hope she doesn’t move out too soon. If she could just stay for another year and a half, until I go to college …

It’s just too depressing for the house to be so empty and lifeless.

God, I’m really procrastinating bad today. I don’t think I could say one thing that I’ve gotten done since 11 AM, when I finished my study guide.

After that though … there is nothing I HAVE to do for Monday, but stuff I could do or stuff I will have to do for Tuesday and later in the week … but there isn’t that pressure to do it so I just don’t. It’s bad.

And I really SHOULD be doing it today because tomorrow is Dahlia’s birthday and she is going to be over here and want to do stuff and everything.

She mentioned maybe going to the new movie theater and seeing Something New.

I definitely want to hang out with her because it’s her birthday, and just because I would want to anyways.

And she is for sure coming over for dinner because her family won’t be doing anything.

It’s sad … today she was saying how her mom told her that she was trying to save some change to do something/give her something for her birthday, but it isn’t looking good in terms of rent. And Dahlia was like, “So I won’t be getting anything.” Aw, it just makes me kind of sad. I know it’s not the end of the world but still.

Did I mention Kristen got a new job? No more free drinks from Starbucks! Except Dahlia still works there so nevermind. But Kristen has worked there for 5 years, which is like eternity in Starbucks-world.

LOL speaking of that, it’s so funny to listen to her and Dahlia talk about work because there is all this lingo about Starbucks that I just don’t understand. And they associate customers with what they order instead of their names. And they imitate stupid customers. It’s really funny.

Her new job is at a company behind about five radio stations here. One is the main pop one, and then there is the country one, which is really Kristen’s favorite. She is excited. She might get to go to free concerts and meet people and stuff! Since it is where they broadcast and record everything, if some celebrity comes in to get interviewed or something, they’ll come to her, because she is the secretary type job. So that’s exciting. Except she probably won’t know who they are, LOL.

And Kristen and Dahlia are going to Disneyland next month! So jealous. Because Dahlia has never been there. So Kristen was like, “we have to go!” Dahlia did running start in high school, so she is ahead in credits, so she is able to take next quarter off to work and try and make money for her mom and her trip to Europe, and to just relax. So she is done until September on March 8th!! NO FAIR.

God it’s a really busy Spring.

Monday – Dahlia’s 19th birthday, tutoring
Tuesday – Walk the Line comes out!, American Idol
Wednesday – American Idol, tutoring, Kristen’s last day at Starbucks, two hour early dismissal, have to finish Macbeth …
Thursday – American Idol, Kristen’s first day at her new job.
Friday – Kristen’s Starbucks going away party, dialectical journals due, class registration for next year (I don’t know what classes to take!)
Saturday – hope to get my debit card, rearrange my room, and watch Walk the Line or Rent. And Sara’s birthday party.
Sunday – homework of course.
Monday the 6th – Character projects due, tutoring
Friday the 10th – Mom & step-dad leave for another ski trip
Saturday the 11th – Tolo (it’s girls-ask-guys and I don’t really have anyone I would want to ask) or if I don’t go, parents will be out of town so possibly have people over? I don’t want another Charla incident though, so maybe I’ll make Kristen have a party. Since I like her friends better anyways!
Wednesday the 15th – Katherine & step-brother home for Spring Break
Thursday the 16th – Spain meeting, Kristen & Dahlia leave for Disneyland
Friday the 17th – No school hurrah
Saturday the 18th – Mom & step-dad get home
Sunday the 19th – step-brother back to school
Tuesday the 21st – Mom’s birthday, Kristen & Dahlia home from Disneyland, step-dad to Las Vegas for business trip, Katherine to Palm Springs for Spring Break with her friends
Thursday the 23rd – step-dad home from Las Vegas
Saturday the 25th – Katherine home from Palm Springs
Sunday the 26th – Katherine back to school
Wednesday the 29th – Mom & step-dad leave for Palm Springs for business trip
Saturday the 1st – SAT, oh joy. Mom & step-dad home from Palm Springs
Sunday the 2nd – Fer’s 17th birthday
Wednesday the 5th – Spain meeting
Friday the 7th – Leave for SPAIN!!! Start of Spring Break
Sunday the 15th – Get home …
Week of the 17th – WASL Testing for Sophomores = sleeping in for Juniors!
Tuesday the 25th – Belle & Sebastian concert but tickets are probably already sold out.
Thursday the 4th – APLA Exam.
Friday the 5th – APUSH Exam.
Saturday the 6th – maybe SAT II U.S. History test?

And then some weekend within the next few months I hope to go up to ski with my friends because we have never done that. Like Michelle, Eta, and Lucy ’cause they’re the ones who ski/snowboard.
And we might go to Dahlia’s cabin some weekend, and go visit Katherine some weekend. The Decemberists are going to her school on April 15th, and I would SO go then, but I’ll be in Spain. Oh darn! 😉

And yeah. That’s as far out as I can remember. Not that any of you probably care, but I needed to put that somewhere because it was stressing me out just having it in my brain.

You know what I need to do right now? Watch Friends. Screw homework …

the man of my dreams

23 February
We didn’t go skiing today. So we slept in, I watched Idol with Kristen and my mom because they missed it last night.

Dahlia texted me last night and says she misses me. Aw, I miss her too. She called off her birthday dinner because of Molly drama. She told Kristen the only people she really wanted to see were me and Kristen. SO Yay. I want to see her too.

When Kristen gets back from her massage we’re either going ice skating or sledding or just for a walk because it’s snowing.

I hope American Idol is good tonight.

Oh .. randomness … Brent was in my dream last night. It was like we were studying Chem together and then we were talking on the phone for a really long time. I don’t know what that means. It’s weird though because I hadn’t really thought about him lately. Plus, he is currently visiting Ali so that’s about as far away from me as he can be, or from being my friend or anything more than a friend. I don’t really care it was just weird.

the sunshine of my life

22 February, 2006

I’m now on ski vacation with my family.

It IS gorgeous and the best place to ski. The skiing has been great. But other than that there isn’t much to do here … and my family is annoying.

I always get kinda depressed on family vacations … it’s hard when you can’t really get away from your family at all! And they are all over 21 so they’re like drinking and stuff.

Last night I was all depressed … I don’t know. I think a lot of it had to do with just being tired and bored.

Another thing though was … I wish I had as good of friends as Kristen does (Dahlia). They are SO close and so supportive of each other and best friends and everything. And for awhile I’ve been like I want to be better friends with Dahlia. And I am friends with her. She invited me to her birthday dinner thing, and I don’t think it’s going to be that big. And I don’t *think* she just sees me as Kristen’s little sister, she actually sees me as a friend. So that’s good. But I don’t really see us getting much closer than this and I don’t know why.

And I wish I had my own friends who I was that close with. I mean yeah I’m close with my friends but it’s different. And I always get myself thinking I don’t have great friends. But I don’t think they’re the problem … I just don’t really open up to them. Like last night when I was feeling depressed I wanted to talk to someone but I couldn’t think of anyone. I did text Marina and that helped a lot so that’s good. But usually I wouldn’t have done that … because I feel like people don’t understand or I just don’t want to tell them about it. SO I don’t know … I need to work on that I guess. But a lot of the time it’s just not something I want to talk about. I want to feel better but I’m not willing to talk about it because I feel like no one will understand.

And they always want to be around each other. I like my friends but I’m not like, I always want to be around you. And I always want to be around Dahlia, too. I just like being around her and like talking to her and everything. Like … getting a text or a message from her makes my day just that much better. 🙂  I mean I feel this way about Paula sometimes … it’s that sort of thing. Seeing Paula on TV or something makes me happy in the same way. But do people really ever feel this way about someone you know in real life? it seems weird to me. And that’s one of the things I feel like my friends won’t understand.

And another thing is … well, there is this drama with Kristen and her friends. Like Molly talked about Kristen to Dahlia or something, and now there is ALL this drama.

When I hear Kristen and Dahlia talking about it to each other, they seem to think it is SUCH a big deal. And I know it’s not good to talk about your friends … but really everyone has to vent sometimes. That’s how I see it. The way they talk about the drama though makes me feel bad for talking about my friends occasionally … and I’m all confused because I don’t think it’s THAT big of a deal. I don’t know. I was going to try not to talk about my friends as much anymore, and I still might do that, because I don’t want them to think I’m a mean person or anything. But I don’t know …

I’m confused and I’m having trouble expressing how I feel today, so I’m just gonna stop here.

(2010 me here: In retrospect, I am still friends with most of my high school friends, while my sister is not. I just didn’t realize how great my friends were. =] )

I need you so much closer.

19 February
Mmmk … school. Is hell.

I was so stressed out on Thursday night / Friday.

I had a reader’s journal due in APLA. Then the counselors came in to talk to us and were telling us all this stuff we have to do and blah blah blah it stressed me out. And then our teacher was talking about our dialectical journals … and I pretty much think I’m going to have to redo all mine because they’re not good enough. Because I use sparknotes too much. Frick.

Then I had a math quiz, a chemistry test, and an APUSH in class DBQ.

I was about ready to explode.

but then it was over. Hallelujah.

On Friday night I went to dinner with Kristen, Katherine, Dahlia, Sara, Bryan, and Nicole (Kristen’s friends).

That was good I guess. Kind of uneventful but my friends weren’t doing anything better so yeah.

On Saturday I didn’t really do anything all day … eventually went to the mall with Katherine and returned some things. Then we went to dinner with my aunts.

And, oh my god … I saw my seventh grade lesbian math teacher. Ahhh so weird that I saw her.

Then we came home and well … my parents left for a ski trip on Saturday morning. I’m leaving tomorrow; later because I didn’t want to be gone for ALL of my break.

So, since they’re out of town, I had friends over. Marina, Lucy, Charla, Vanni, Riley, and Devon. Katherine and Dahlia were also here at points.

It was very fun at first. I had fun. Until Charla got sick. UGGGGGH. I understand if someone gets sick like one time, then they just know their limits and don’t drink that much anymore! But this is the second time Charla has gotten sick, and almost every time she drinks she gets really really drunk. Too drunk. I’m just sick of it!

So we had to like take care of her. She was lying on the couch when she threw up … so it got on that and on the carpet. Luckily the carpet is one of those ones where you can’t really see stains that well, and we cleaned it and stuff.

And Dahlia went to the store and bought like leather cleaner or something to clean the couch and you can’t even tell. But I’m never sitting in that spot again, ever.

And we had to take care of her and everything. Kind of ruined things.

I felt soo bad. Because 1 I was just worried about the couch and stuff and my mom finding out. And 2 DAHLIA IS THE SWEETEST PERSON EVER. She didn’t even HAVE to help, like she had no obligation too, but she still did. So much. She went to the store and got cleaning stuff and cleaned the couch and everything, she was just so helpful. I felt bad though, but I guess it’s not my fault. I don’t really feel BAD, just like, wow, she’s so nice. She didn’t even have to do any of that.

And a lot of towels and blankets and stuff got dirty from Charla, and our washing machine is broken, so Dahlia took all the dirty laundry to her house and is doing it for us!! Can you believe her? I love her. I really do. I don’t know what I would’ve done with out her!

And aw, this morning when she was leaving she was talking about how she talked to Molly and how Molly was like, “Why are you doing their laundry! You don’t have to do that!” And Dahlia was like, “I want to! They’re my family! Corinne’s my baby sis!” Awwww. 😀 She is my sister. ‘Cause when it was my family birthday party, I texted her and said she should come over because she’s basically part of the family now. And she told Kristen what I said, and Kristen told me she thinks it made Dahlia’s day. 🙂 Awww. And I think I’ve written about this in here before …

And she’s just so nice to me and all my friends. It’s like … she’s had so many life experiences and yet she is STILL this nice, and funny, and mature and sweet and everything. It really makes me respect her. And she doesn’t seem eighteen, at ALL. I’ve heard soo many people say they thought she was like 23, because she’s that mature.

Anyway. After we got Charla settled down and in bed and didn’t have to be like in the bathroom with her all the time, we had fun again. We were all pretty much fine by then so we decided to get drunk again. Lol why not. Except Katherine and Dahlia went to bed.

And Charla threw up again this morning. not as much, just once but still. ew. It was just like yellow liquid, which apparently means it was just stomach acid. not surprising since she doesn’t eat so there isn’t really anything to throw up. She’s fine now, but it was gross/scary/annoying. Control yourself, please.

And like I said, I understand if it’s a one time thing. But it’s NOT. I don’t even want to drink with her anymore. We all had to clean up after her and it was gross and ruined our night (well I still had fun but it would’ve been better if that hadn’t happened). I had to clean the toilet this morning! grosssssss.

And then today everyone didn’t leave until like 3. I wanted them to leave sooner, but I couldn’t really kick them out. And the house is sparkly clean … it looks suspiciously clean, lol. It wouldn’t be this clean normally.

So tomorrow I’m leaving for skiing. Blah. I’ll still have computer access there, but I don’t know if I’ll update. I don’t really want to go … because I don’t even like skiing that much. I just want to relax … and that’s not really my idea of relaxing. Maybe that’s just the mood I’m in right now. But I’m definitely not going to ski every day this week. I get back next Saturday.

And next Monday is Dahlia’s 19th birthday! She invited me to her birthday dinner. 🙂 That’s another thing I like about her, I think … well she’s actually like my FRIEND, she invites me to do stuff and wants to hang out with me and stuff, as opposed to just seeing me as her friend’s little sister who kinda tags along. Because I’m only a little less than two years younger than her.

Anyway … for her birthday … I want to get her a good present! Something she’ll really like … but I have no idea what. She likes … I don’t know! She doesn’t care about material stuff that much. So maybe just like write her a nice card? I don’t know! I have a week to think about it … I want her to like it.

anyway. I have to go to sleep I’m really tired.

be my valentine?

14 February
Ahh so little time.

The internet is stressing me out lately.

Because I don’t have the time/energy to check the boards often enough to find out about Paula’s appearances, and then I don’t get to see them until/unless someone makes a clip (people need to make clips) …. and everyone’s talking about it and I don’t know what they’re talking about and yeah …

Ahhh well.

School has been fine. Uneventful.

My APLA teacher wrote back to my rebuttal (did I even talk about that yet?) that I wrote him about the D grade on my The Things They Carried Annotations … and he basically wrote a five paragraph essay to say no, he would not change my grade. Frickin’ annoying. I so don’t like that class anymore, or him as a teacher. As a person he is cool, but not a teacher.

I don’t really understand what we’re doing in pre-calc, but I do in Chemistry. Weird.

APUSH has been pretty boring, and T.A. is officially my favorite class. I get so much done and it’s a great way to end the day and yeah.

Today Kristen had to work. Dahlia came over and we went to visit Kristen at work and then she stayed here for dinner and to watch American Idol. I love that me and her can hang out even if Kristen isn’t there.

Speaking of Kristen, I was kind of annoyed with her this past week. I just feel like sometimes she doesn’t care. It’s hard to explain but … like, half the time she doesn’t listen to what I’m saying, and she only starts to listen if I mention someone she knows. If I say, “I had a bad day.” She’ll just be like, “Sorry.” and not ask why or if she can do anything. Which I don’t expect ALL the time but at least once in awhile. And I was just comparing her to Katherine and Katherine seems much more caring. And just, involved in my life? If that’s a good way to describe it?

Also I just felt like she doesn’t see me as a FRIEND like I see her, she just sees me as a little sister. She doesn’t really usually tell my stuff unless I ask her about it, or once in awhile she’ll be in a sharing mood. Compared to Katherine, who tends to talk about herself a little TOO much, I don’t know who I’d choose. But at least Katherine listens to me, too, not JUST talks to herself. And I know that Katherine considers me one of her best friends, and I do for her, too. But Kristen I think I’m just like, … little sister who tags along sometimes. Or that’s how she makes me feel sometimes.

Anyways I told it to my mom, and she knew what I meant. She said, “There’s just something missing there … ” about Kristen. My mom also says that I’m the most like her. 🙂 Which I take as a compliment. Not that she likes any of us the best, she loves us all the same. And I think she’s done a really good job of showing that, and never playing favorites or anything.

I think my mom said something to Kristen though about what I was complaining about, because the past two days it seems like Kristen has actually been making an effort to ask me how my day was. Honestly she doesn’t usually do that. Or maybe she has just changed on her own, but my mom probably said something. I need to ask her that.

This past weekend … on Friday I went to the showing. It is where the video productions class showcases the videos they made over the semester, or the best of the videos that were made. It was good. I was impressed. Then I went to visit Norma who was at work (taco place), and then just home ’cause my friends are lame.

Oh yeah and before the showing I had my family birthday celebration. More than a month late, yeah. I got clothes, money, etc. Best of AI DVD. AND

WALK THE LINE movie poster. It’s massive & I love it. That’s my favorite present.

Dahlia came over for the family thing, too. 🙂 I texted her during the day and she “you should come over for my birthday thing tonight, since you’re basically part of the family now!” and so then she did. And then Dahlia forwarded what I had sent her to Kristen to show her, and Kristen texted me and said, “That message you sent Dahlia was so sweet! I think it made her day :)” Aw.

Then on Saturday I had Charla, Michelle, and Fer over here. We watched Just Like Heaven, which was cuter the second time than the first. It was a good night for a bad day … I don’t know I was just feeling pretty depressed that day.

Finally, Sunday … did homework. Had a MASSIVE study guide in APUSH.

Yeah. Ummm what else. That’s pretty much all I can think of to update about.

Oh, happy valentine’s day! I keep forgetting that it is. Usually I’m all, wah wah poor me I have no Valentine. There was a degree of that this year, but a really really small degree. I guess I’m just not thinking about it so I don’t care. I’m not in one of those I-need-a-boyfriend type moods today, so that helps.

For V-Day some girl brought Tony like a flower and a balloon and he didn’t know who she was. Ah. I guess I’m glad I’m not the only one who did something like that. I mean, we know each other and we talk every once in awhile, but I still feel like he thinks it’s weird/random that I asked him to winter formal … but at least he knows who I am. Unlike the other girl.

Here are three songs that I can’t stop listening to:

-Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey
-Bless the Broken Road – Rascal Flatts
-Alone – Carrie Underwood

My first real college visit.

6 February

I just can’t keep up with my journal anymore.

Actually, it’s not that I can’t keep up, it’s just that it’s not at the top of my priorities anymore.

I always go back and forth between what I’m into. Myspace, message boards, journaling…


Finals. Sucked.

I was SO exhausted by the end of them. I probably completely bombed my APLA and APUSH finals, because they were on Thursday. After three days I was just … yeah. Also, those are like, my two hardest classes. Gah.

Actually, I already know I didn’t do well on my APLA one. But I’ll get to that later.

After finals were over, I was relieved to be going to Portland with my mommy. Just to get away … and not worry about things. And the weekend in between semesters is always nice, because I have way less homework than usual. I still had an APUSH study guide, but that’s expected. It’s not that bad, anyways.

Portland was good. I liked our hotel, it didn’t have ugly bedspreads. LOL That is my criteria. And it was warm, unlike some freezing hotels I’ve been in. AND it had wireless internet connection. Not that we were in our room that much, but I approved. 🙂

I like downtown Portland, too. I never thought I would LIKE anything having to do with Oregon, but I have decided now that Portland is an exception. It’s really similar to downtown Seattle, except possibly nicer. It was just cute, and quaint, and I liked it.

The actual reason we went to Portland was to visit colleges. On Friday morning we went to Lewis & Clark. We had a tour, an info session, and then I went to a class.

The tour was good. I like the campus. Not as much as Whitman or Willamette (which we visited later), but I liked it okay. It still had lots of trees and red-brick buildings, which is what I want.

Our tour-guide was cool, too. She seemed nice.

The only thing I didn’t like about the tour was the types of people I saw walking around. I mean, based solely on appearances. They just seemed really hippie. Which is fine, I like laid-back people. But I also want to be around people who want to like go out and have fun … and I guess are more preppy because that’s what I’m like. I don’t know.

The info session was fine. All I can say is that it is going to be hard to distinguish between the schools. My like, top 5 or so are ALL small, liberal arts colleges with no sororities, strong study abroad programs, pretty campuses, “close-knit communities,” good SAT scores but not so good that I can’t get in, “work hard play hard” type … and yeah. To an extent they’re all the same. How am I going to decide if one is better than the other? I guess it’s good because those qualities are exactly what I want, but it’s hard to choose!

Then I went to the class. It was a beginning Economics class. My area of expertise! 😉 Not. But I did know what they were learning that day, elasticity. I felt smart because I already knew what they were just then learning. I liked the professor a lot, and the people in the class. The people seemed more like my type of people, less hippie than I had seen on the tour. And they all seemed nice.

The professor reminded me of my sixth grade English teacher who I loved. He was like the type of teacher that was a GOOD teacher and held their own ground, but that students still loved. Kind of intimidating, but once you got past that, a really nice old guy. So yeah. I liked the professor.

He kind of stopped in the middle of class, and realized he didn’t recognize me, and asked if I was a visitor. I said I was, and he asked my name & where I was from.

Then after class, the cute guy who was sitting next to me asked what high school I go to. He was from the same city as me, and went to a high school I know. Then he was like, “You guys just went through a big remodel, huh?” And I was like … uhh … I guess. I mean, a new school was built and opened in 2000. It wasn’t a remodel, it was a rebuild, and it didn’t JUST happen. So I don’t know. Maybe he was thinking of another school or something. He was cute though. And nice.

Later that day my mom & I went to Willamette. We hadn’t scheduled a visit for it, just wanted to look around. It took us awhile to find it, though. It is in Salem, Oregon. I don’t like that town. It shows the reason I don’t like Oregon as a whole, lol. I don’t know … to me it just seemed like trashy … not pretty or anything. Suburban-ish but not even the good type of suburban … like strip-malls and everything. I don’t know. I just didn’t get a good feeling from Salem.

The Willamette campus was pretty though. It was like an oasis in the town. It was more flat and open than Lewis & Clark, which I liked. And the buildings were pretty, the grass was really green, and there was a big stream running through it. I really liked the Willamette campus.

But I don’t think I’ll be pursuing it any further really, because I didn’t like Salem and it has a lot of sororities. I know I shouldn’t just write it off for that … but I am. Lol. I don’t want to be in a sorority, because they just seem shallow, exclusive, etc. I know that’s a big generalization, it’s just not what I want. And then I don’t want to go anywhere that has them, because I know I wouldn’t be in one, but I would feel left out not being in one, and not being a part of everything. So I just want to do away with the problem altogether and go somewhere where there aren’t any sororites & the people like it that way.

After Willamette we went to Powell’s books in Portland. It’s this huge bookstore … new & used. It was really cool. Me and my mom literally spent 3 hours there. Fun. We each bought three books. We also spent a lot of that time looking at the other books, like books with photographs of the United States and it’s scenery and stuff. I looked at this one book about Oaxaca, this place in Mexico that I went in 8th grade. It was cool because it had a lot of things in it that I had seen when I was there, so I could be like, “I’ve been there! I saw that!” and the pictures were really pretty and Oaxaca is just a really cool place. It’s pronounced wuh-ha-cah. I wanted to buy the book but it was $30. Not THAT cool.

On Saturday we went out to dinner with my Grandpa and his wife (my mom’s step-mom), Shirlee. Then we drove home.

On Saturday night I went to Michelle’s. Me, Michelle, Marina, Charla, Vanni, and David watched Batman Begins. It was pretty good … for me knowing nothing about Batman.

Then when that party died down (hah) at like midnight, I went and met up with Kristen, Dahlia, Lindsey, and Lindsey’s boyfriend Frank, at a bowling alley. They were bowling, and Kristen was drunk LOL. I just hung out there for like an hour, and then went home.

Sunday was Superbowl Sunday. Seahawks lost, boohoo. I actually don’t even care that much. I wanted the Seahawks to win like everyone here, but it’s not the end of the world for me that they didn’t. Not even close. The refs kind of suck (this is where I pretend to know what I’m talking about), but I don’t think we would have won anyways. We just didn’t play that well. Better calls would have HELPED, but not necessarily have made us win.

Kristen had friends over for the game, of course. Rebecca, Andrea, Haley, Brian, and Dahlia. Dahlia wasn’t there at first, and she wasn’t going to come. But Kristen like REALLY wanted her to. She was about to get mad at her if she didn’t come. Before the game, I was up in my room reading APUSH, and Dahlia came in and was like, “You better come downstairs! I came over for you!” Aw. 🙂

God, but of course Kristen & her friends were drinking (except Dahlia, because she’s only 18 and even though my parents wouldn’t have cared, she felt weird drinking around them because she’s underaged). They were like, you should drink with us! I was like, hell no not in the same house as my parents AND step-grandparents, LOL.

But then when I came downstairs they were in the dining room, which is kind of separate from the rest of the house, and they were like, “Corinne! Corinne! Come here!” and they had made me a shot. I was like, nooo … leave me alone. But they were like, “You have to! It’s the SUPERBOWL!” so I was like, fiiiiiine … just to get them to leave me alone. And I took the stupid shot, but I didn’t like get drunk off it or anything.

But then … LOL … Kristen TOLD my mom. She didn’t really care, but it’s just AWKWARD as hell. I don’t like that she knows I drink. It feels weird? Oh well.

After the game Kristen, Dahlia, and I went to their store so they could visit their co-workers who were working. (they work at Starbucks) We went through the drivethrough, and I guess the guy working didn’t know it was us. Dahlia was all, “Did the Seahawks win?!” and the guy was like, “No … ” and Dahlia wase all, “What?!?! Those damn Hawks!” and being really crazy-annoying customer. Haha it was funny, because the guy didn’t know it was Dahlia. Then we went inside and were like, surprise!

I met Shannon, this girl that works with them. From what I’ve gathered from being around Kristen and Dahlia a lot, I think Dahlia like looks up to her a lot or something. Probably feels the way about her that I feel about Dahlia. It just seems like she looks up to her a lot, and just wants to be around her more. She seems nice.

Then I watched Grey’s Anatomy, and was up probably way too late but oh well … it seems like a good show! First episode I had watched, but I liked it. It’s Dahlia’s favorite show. 🙂

Then today was the first day of the semester.

My first period changed from World of Finance to Banking & Credit. All the same people in the class though. Teacher and subject seem boring.

In APLA we got back our practice APLA test multiple choices. He only put one section’s score in the grade book, and on that one I got 7/11. Sadly, that is the BEST that I did on any of the sections. The others were 3/6, 5/9, and 1/6. ONE OUT OF SIX! Shoot. I’m stupid.

I’m worried because my grade in APLA is a 90%. He has graded ALMOST everything, but if I don’t do good on the last few things he has to put in, I could get a B in the class. That would just SUCK. I’ve had an A in that class all semester, to go down to a B at the final end and have that be the only thing that shows up on my transcript and everything just doesn’t seem fair!

In Pre-Calc we got our finals back, I got a 36/40 and have a solid A in that class for the semester. We got new seats, too, and I sit by Lucy. yay.

Chemistry is good too, because I got a 90% on the test and have a solid A.

APUSH is ALSO fine. She still has to add in our DBQ grades, which I probably did really bad on … But. I have a 91.6% right now, and she told our class that if we’re on the edge, and it goes down a grade because of the DBQ, she isn’t going to give us the lower grade. So I’ll still get an A. Phew. YAY. I don’t like her, but I’m thankful for that grading policy!

Then THANK GOD my Ceramics class changed at the semester to T.A. for the career center. Apparently the career center lady doesn’t come on Mondays, so she left us a note telling us to sign in and she’ll see us tomorrow. She has like 7 T.A.s for each period, because everyone wants to TA for her because it’s .5 credit instead of .25 (which it is for most teachers, but for offices & the library it’s .5) and she doesn’t make you do anything. And I think it’s occ-ed credit. Not that I need that, but whatever. So I got to leave early.

Of course it would have benefitted me more to stay there and do homework, because I just came home and procrastinated on myspace. Still haven’t done much homework tonight. I don’t have any that I absolutely HAVE to do, but there is stuff I SHOULD be doing. Eh. Oh well.