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11/16ths done.

24 April
Today was an okay day.

This morning before school I checked my SAT scores.

Here is what all my scores look like so far:

PSAT October 2004: 520 Reading, 570 Math, ? Writing
Practice SAT September 2005: 570 Reading, 520 Math, 720 Writing, 1810 Total.
PSAT October 2005: 600 Reading, 600 Math, 680 Writing, 1880 Total.
SAT April 2006: 630 Reading, 620 Math, 630 Writing, 1880 Total.

So it’s an improvement for Reading and Math, but the writing went down enough to make up for it. Oh well. My excuse is that the writing is so arbitrary that it just shouldn’t count … so it would be 1200 improved to 1250, and that’s good, right? Whatever I’m happy with it.

Of course, at school everyone was talking about it. Eta asked me what I got first thing in the morning (she got a 1960) and I said I didn’t want to tell. Which probably made her and everyone who was there think I did bad. I’d rather have them think I did bad and then be pleasantly surprised than have them think I did good and be disappointed. But I just took satisfaction in being able to not tell them. They’re just too competitive and preoccupied with it. Them being Eta, Elyse, and Michelle.

I only told Charla and Lucy what I got. Charla because … she’s Charla and why not tell her? I can trust her and I don’t feel like she’s judging me, and Lucy because she doesn’t intimidate me. Plus I wanted to know what she got, because she took a $900 Princeton Review Class so I wanted to see if it helped. I don’t think it did $900 worth. She got 640 math, and she didn’t tell me what the other two were but they were less than me.

Charla got 2300. GENIUS. She was really happy though so I’m happy for her. All day everyone was all, “Did you hear what Charla got? OMG She’s not human!!” Just be happy for her, geez. She got 800 Reading, and then 740 and 760 on the other two but I don’t know which goes with which.

And I don’t really know what everyone else got because since I didn’t want to tell what I got, I couldn’t very fairly ask everyone what they got. Even though I’m a hypocrite because I want to know what other people got but I don’t want to tell. oh, well.

Ugh, but I have to take the SATs again in June. Because I haven’t taken a class yet, I’m taking it in May after the AP tests. So then it made the most sense to take the SATs immediately after to get the most benefit from the class. I’d rather take the SAT than an AP test, though.

Also, while I was looking for what my old PSAT scores were from Sophomore year and I found a really depressing journal entry about when we thought the trip to Spain was getting canceled. Oh man that sucked. Looking back on it now, after I’ve gone to Spain … it’s just sort of ironic. I remember feeling then like I would never get to go and if I ever did it was really far away. But now I’ve already gone and come back and that doesn’t even seem that long ago! But it was. Man, I remember how disappointed I was. That really sucked.

In APLA today we had to write an in class essay. The APLA test is in ONE WEEK. Shoot. I’m scared for that. The essay today wasn’t that bad, though. At least I didn’t think so, but we’ll see when I get my grade …

And in Chemistry I have the highest grade in the class … 😀 Higher than Claire, don’t know how that happened!! But of course he still has a lot of stuff to add, a lot of stuff that I probably didn’t do that well on, so we’ll see. I have a 96.4%, though.

Today I didn’t have to go to 6th period, TA, because the lady I TA for wasn’t there so I could just leave. So I came home at 1:20 and laid outside in the sun until 3 and evened my tan out a bit. Or should I say evened my burn out a bit, but it’ll turn to tan … right?

UGH I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. That is my least favorite thing in the world. The six months between appointments always go so fast. Tomorrow when I arrange my next appointment for October, I’ll be relieved because October is SO far away. I mean, it’s after an entire Summer and well into my senior year of high school. But then before I know it, it’ll be September and I’ll have to start flossing again …

Speaking of Summer … I think it’s the beginning of the fourth quarter right now. Only one quarter left and it should be one of the easier ones once the AP tests are over. And I’ve made it through 11/16ths of high school. Only 5 left, hallelujah …

Okay well, I better get back to Chemistry. byyye …


back to reality

23 April
I’ve been busy busy busy.

I miss Spain. A lot. I miss being there. I miss the sun. I miss being close with the 7 or 8 other junior girls on the trip. I miss Nancy. I just want to go back!

And it made it suck to come back even more to have alll this shit to catch up on. I’ve been so stressed this week. Still am …

AP tests are coming up and I’m dreading them like no other.

In APUSH we took a practice multiple choice one and I got 36 right, 23 wrong, and skipped 21. The example she gave got 40 right and she said most of the class will be around there. So at least I’m not that far from average. I think I’ll be better on the actual test because 1) I will have studied and 2) I won’t have been in Spain for 10 days, blocking US History out of my mind.

Let’s seee. I saw Friends with Money. Love Jennifer. The movie was a bit strange, but I liked it. Even though it was depressing and kind of confirmed my views about love/marriage/life. So I don’t know.

And I read Just Listen. It was waiting for me when I came back from Spain, a surprise, because I had pre-ordered it on Amazon a long time ago and then forgotten about it.

I read it pretty fast, for me (slow reader, and busy doesn’t make for reading books very fast, or often anymore). Do you know when the last book I read for pleasure was? Because I don’t. I think … oh … the Virgin Suicides in AUGUST. Geez. And I used to read so much. 😦 I hate you school for taking over my life.

Just Listen was good. My favorite Sarah Dessen books, though, are still Dreamland, Keeping the Moon, and the Truth About Forever. I don’t know why, those are just my favorites.

It was kind of like This Lullaby for me: good and everything, and I was into it, but I couldn’t always relate to it as much as the other books. It was cute though. Sometimes I wanted to SHAKE her, though. For not trying harder to stay friends with Clarke in 7th grade. For not telling someone about Will. For leaving Bendo that night? What?! I didn’t even get why she would leave. She could’ve just TOLD Owen and he would’ve been understanding. I didn’t understand why she didn’t want to.

Other than that, honestly, it was great. I just didn’t understand why she did those things, and it bothered me.

I squealed when Wes and Macy, and then Dexter and Remy made an appearance! I loved the Wes & Macy one more, though, because 1) I liked them better and 2) it was more subtle, so I felt more special when I caught it. Never did get the Boo one, though …

Anyway, moving on. I’m sick. 😦 So I didn’t do anything yesterday or today except homework, read Just Listen, watch Friends, etc. Oh, today I did some homework outside for two hours and got some sun! Of course, it’s burn, but whatever. I don’t care, it’s something.

Ah, 4/20 came and went on … Thursday was it? yay for that. *sarcasm* I didn’t celebrate. This year it was SO different from last year. It was such a big deal last year! Everyone was high all day, and everyone wanted to smoke so they could say they did or whatever. And I did “celebrate” last year. But not this year. I honestly just don’t care, plus I don’t like smoking anymore so … if it were a drinking holiday, it’d be another thing!

Speaking of drinking though, I don’t even care about that as much as I used to. For now. Maybe my partying phase has moved on. It’s just that for the past year, if an opportunity to drink would come up, I would take it. And I did. But now, I won’t just drink ANYtime. Just when I feel like it, or when I think it’s going to be fun. I don’t know. I still like to drink, love it, I’m just a little over always wanting to do it all the time.

What else. Oh, Kristen is looking at apartments to move out. 😦 She annoys me and everything but I don’t want her to move out. I don’t want to be the only kid still left! That’s going to be so depressing, so quiet around the house.

And her and Dahlia are fighting, I think. She acts like they’re fine, but I know they had a little fight on Friday. And then, Kristen was here all day yesterday and all day today and Dahlia hasn’t been over at all. Which is RARE. She practically lives here, or so I thought.

Which makes me sad, because Kristen is my connection to Dahlia, and if they aren’t as good of friends any more, when will I ever see Dahlia? Or if Kristen moves out? Dahlia better come visit me or something! 😦

Their fight was something about how Dahlia doesn’t like Kristen going out all the time (Dahlia isn’t 21 so she can’t go) and wishes Kristen would be there for her more in a time like this, or something. Which … all of it might be a little dramatic, but I love Dahlia. I don’t think she’s doing anything intentional to be dramatic, it’s just how she feels.

And her mom DOES have cancer, after all. I’m not really sure what’s going on with that.

Anyway, I better get back to homework. *sigh*

me encanta espana.

17 April
I’m home from Spain and I don’t want to be.

I loved it. Obviously I can’t tell you every little detail from the trip, so lets just say:

I had a ton of fun.
I loved Nancy (one of the chaperone’s) and I miss her.
Kris is kind of a moody bitch but that didn’t ruin anything.
I loved the group I traveled with.
Eight of us got really close and I hope we all hang out outside of Spain.
I liked the small towns better than Madrid.
I loved the narrow streets.
Shopping in Madrid wasn’t very exciting because it was all stuff you could buy at Forever 21.
I saw Columbus’ and Charles V’s tombs.
I loved Toledo and Mijas the most.
I got lost a lot.
We saw a lot of churches and palaces.
Every building was gorgeous.
Our tour guide, Nieves, was really nice and cute.
Bye bye British accents, I now love Spanish accents.
Everyone in our group got sick at one point, whether it was throwing up or just a cold.
I didn’t like Seville, too dirty and crowded and I had a bad getting lost experience there.
Being there during Holy Week (Semana Santa or Santa Semana? I forget.) was interesting but hectic.
It made me want to take more Spanish classes but realize how hard it would be to study abroad there.
Sangria is yummy.
It’s so cool being able to buy and order alcohol.
It was also cool seeing my name a lot.
Our tour bus was way too cold.
Granada was a good change after Seville.
Charla & I got left behind in Granada but we had an adventure and found our group.
I tried squid, shrimp, and octopus and all of them were gross but I’m proud of myself for trying them.
I got a little burnt/tan but I don’t know if people other than me can tell.
I went in the Mediterranean.
There were lots of flowers everywhere and they smelled really good.
There were two things I did (almost) every day: went to either a church or palace and drank some sort of alcohol.
The beach on the Costa del Sol was beautiful.
It was a long ride back.
I really miss it.
I miss Nancy and all the girls I was with.
It feels weird to have nothing to do and to be home and to not be with all those people.
I do NOT want to go back to school or do any of the work I need to do to catch up.

How can so many bad things happen to one person and none to other people?

30 March
I really don’t feel like doing anything right now. So I’ll write about my life…

Hmm. This week has been pretty stressful. As usual, I guess.

I got a D (9/15) on a pre-calc quiz I had to take last Friday. So that’s just GREAT. I still have an A in the class, but it’s a lower A now, and we have a huge test tomorrow so I have to do good on it. =\

But I left my math book at school so darn … can’t study!

Geez I’m turning into a slacker.

But at least I got an 18/20 on my APUSH quiz. But it made my grade go DOWN, because before I had 100% in the test/quiz category, and now I don’t. But I still have a really good grade for it being APUSH.

American Idol last night: I LIKED LISA. I thought she was really good in the Top 24 round, but she hasn’t been as good in the Top 12.

She is still better than Ace, Bucky, and Kellie though! THEY AREN’T EVEN THAT GOOD. For Ace and Kellie, America is just voting on looks and that is not what it’s about. They aren’t even that good of singers and I’m afraid they’re going to stay around way longer than they should.

And for Bucky … America obviously isn’t voting on looks for him. But I actually do enjoy watching him, especially this week, I thought it was one of his best performances. But I don’t think he’s better than Lisa can be.

Ah well … I guess this happens every year.

I’m kind of bored by AI. Not that the contestants aren’t good, because they are, and not that Paula hasn’t been … entertaining (?) to watch … because she has … but I’m just losing interest in general. Which makes me a little sad.

Yesterday was my last day of tutoring. YAY. I liked it and it was a good experience and everything, but I just got sick of it. So I’m done now.

Today I had a mock interview for Academy of Finance. It was at an employment agency.

It went well, I think. It doesn’t matter for anything, just for practice. Except if they decide to hire an intern this summer and I apply, they might be more inclined to hire me because they knew me from before.

Because it was a mock interview, she gave me critique. She said I did very well. She said I had good eye contact but drifted a little. Oh well. I don’t like to stare people down. And she also said I was playing with my hands, which I was. I hate stuff like this though … I don’t think it should matter.

About my answers, she said they were good and thorough and everything. The only thing she said was sometimes she didn’t know what I was saying. I don’t know if she meant like I was mumbling or she didn’t know what my point was. Either way, she didn’t seem to think it was that big of a deal. I think it only happened on like one question.

So yeah, I’m relieved that’s over!

Last night I was having a breakdown practically, though.

Not really … just, you know, PMS and stress and everything.

My mom’s out of town, and I miss her. 😦 She’s been gone so much recently. One week in February skiing, one-and-a-half week in March skiing, and now a half a week in Palm Springs for business. But after this she won’t be leaving for awhile, until like the end of May.

I had to prepare for my interview, so I wanted someone to go over questions I could be asked with me, and help me edit my resume and cover letter and references, and help me decide what to wear, and how to get there, and all that stuff. It just would’ve been a lot easier if she was here.

I tried to have Kristen help me but she wasn’t very helpful. She would like answer one question I had and then walk away, assuming I didn’t have more to talk about but I did. I hate it when people do that.

Also, yesterday Dahlia found out that her mom might have lung cancer. She went to the doctor because she kept coughing, and they found a mass in her lung that might be cancerous. I think she is going to find out on Friday (tomorrow). Which also happens to be the anniversary of the day Dahlia’s brother died (he was shot by the police).

I had really mixed reactions about this. I obviously felt bad for her. What a week. What a LIFE, actually. So many bad things have happened to her and she has had such a hard life. It just doesn’t seem equal.

Let’s see. Her dad isn’t around. Her older sister has been into drugs, and has a kid who is Dahlia’s age. So like, Dahlia’s sister and Dahlia’s mom were having babies at the same time. Both Dahlia’s sister and Dahlia’s mom are in a lot of debt and don’t really have steady jobs to live on. One of Dahlia’s brothers is in jail and has been for awhile now for stealing. Her other brother was shot by the police like 7 years ago and died. The police shot him by mistake though, they thought he was his roommate or something. So that trial is still going, and they’re still trying to get money from the police department for it. And now her mom might have lung cancer.

And let’s see. What traumatic things have happened to me? NOTHING. No one I’m really close to has died yet, no one I know is in jail or in financial trouble or anything like that. My parents are divorced, but that’s it. And it was a pleasant enough divorce, and they get along. My dad and my step-dad even get along and chat when my dad stops by sometimes.

I guess I’m fortunate but I just feel so bad. How can so many bad things happen to one person and none to other people?

I think it’s fine to feel bad for her. But then I started feeling self-centered and guilty for everything that I complain about, since I obviously don’t have much reason to complain when you look at my life compared to hers. But I was so stressed and tired and PMS-ing last night that I just wanted to complain and needed someone to talk to and complain to. And now I feel like I can’t ever complain in front of Dahlia because she’s probably thinking the same thing I’m thinking, that I don’t have that hard of a life. And I just felt like I had no one to talk to and even if I had talked to anyone, I would have been complaining and I felt like that made me a bad person or something. I still kind of feel that way. I shouldn’t even be complaining about anything is how I feel but eh. It made me feel crappy. Which made me go in circles even more because it’s not me I should be feeling bad for. I don’t know!!

Anyway. It’s sad. Hopefully it’s not cancer.

Oh geez, Dahlia made the saddest comment. She was like, “My eyes hurt.” And Kristen asked why, and she said, “Crying. I’ve done a lot of it this week.” Aww. 😦 😦 😦

I don’t know what to say to her. When people I know better tell me things like this, like when Marina used to call me crying at least once a week, I would know what to say because I knew her so well and felt more comfortable around her. I really like Dahlia but I don’t know her THAT well, I mean I’ve only known her since like October. I just don’t know what to say when she brings that up. I doubt she wants that I-feel-sorry for you look, but what else can I do? Not that she has really come to me or anything. She’s pretty private. But I mean when she just makes little comments like that, I don’t know what to say.

Enough about that, though … it’s too depressing …

Oh, I dropped my ipod on Monday. Which I had done before (see! This seems so trivial now!) but it had always been fine. But this time the screen broke pretty much. Only a quarter of the screen was visible, the rest was just blank. Like … frozen. It still played but I couldn’t see what was playing.

So my step-dad took it in to the Apple store the next day and they gave me a brand new one for free! yay.

But to put all my music on it, I had to download the newest version of iTunes. Which i did, but it needs quicktime to go with it, and whenever I try to download quicktime it won’t download and says there’s an error. So I can’t open itunes which means I can’t update my ipod and it’s frustrating. I don’t know what to do.

And I HAVE to figure it out before I go to Spain for spring break because there is no way I’m surviving that whole DAY of flying without my ipod.

Spain, by the way, is in ONE WEEK. I’m so excited.

There’s so much I have to do before then though.

I need to … pack, fix my ipod, make sure my ATM card works, buy stuff that I need to take, finish all my school work which is A LOT, and do things that I’m going to miss next Friday when I’m absent.

This weekend … well, Kristen is going out of town for a brides-maids thing or something. So I’m going to be home alone. Dahlia was going to come over tomorrow night and stay with me, but that was before the whole thing with her mom happened, so I don’t know where that stands now. If she doesn’t want to I totally understand, and I don’t want her to feel like she has to. I don’t want her to be here if she doesn’t want to be.

Then on Saturday I have the SAT. UGH.

Saturday night is Fer’s birthday party … it’s a sleepover. I need to get her a present before then.

And yeah … *sigh* I’m stressed out.

beddy bye

24 March
Today was pretty good.

Let’s see …

Vanni is getting a bit too intense to take. Me and Marina, and me and Fer were both talking about her. Not like in a bad way, just how she can be kind of intense. We still love her and everything, but yeah. She’s just a lot first thing in the morning.

In pre-calc we had a quiz, and this ALWAYS happens to me and it’s so annoying! I always take the quiz and think I did fine and then when I’m talking about it with people later I realize I did a few problems wrong. And they’re only out of 10 or 15 or 20 usually (15 this time) so I can’t afford to miss many to still get an A! I think I could get 13 or 14 out of 15 this time, which is still good.

At lunch me and Fer always have these heart-to-heart talks. 🙂 I love it. She’s getting really easy to talk to. and I’m getting really comfortable around her.

Lately I’ve noticed about myself that every time people don’t open up to me or like to tell me things or anything, it bothers me. Like how Vanni never tells me anything, and Kristen. And I want to be here for Dahlia but I don’t know how.

I don’t know if I’ve just gotten used to being a person people come to talk to or what. And I just like having that role, and people trusting me. So I wish Kristen and Vanni and other people would do that, too.

About how I was saying I want to be here for Dahlia … well, I don’t know what’s wrong with her really but I was reading Kirsten’s texts (I know I’m a bad person =\ ) and she had some from Dahlia just talking about how Dahlia is stressed out lately and nothing is stopping it. And she doesn’t feel connected or something, and she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t know just all this stuff. I want to be here for her if she wants but I don’t really know how to let her know. I probably just won’t do anything. And the anniversary of her brother’s death is coming up on the 31st, so that’s always sad. 😦

In other news …

I also had a APUSH quiz today and it was … okay.

Then in TA I spent the whole time looking up places we’re going in Spain. I’M JUST SO EXCITED. I haven’t looked up our other hotels yet but I will … I just looked at like what temperatures are in Spain this time of year (I think like 70s) and some of the touristy places we’re going. ahhh two weeks from today!!!

Then after school I hung out with Marina, Lucy, Devon, Brent, and Vanni. It’s like the group now. Brent brought his motorcycle here and showed us … it’s cool I guess? But I’m not gonna pretend to know anything about motorcycles.

By the way I don’t like Brent. I decided. Just to let you know. I do really want a boyfriend but I feel like there’s no options. Usually I’m complaining (or feeling sad) about how the guy I like doesn’t like me or something. But right now there isn’t even anyone I WANT to like. So I don’t know …

Then me and Marina went downtown and everyone else did other stuff. No one hangs out anymore. But me and Marina talked and everything and it was good.

I got Rolling Stone with Simon, Randy & Paula on the cover, and a birthday present for my mom. How exciting?

And then I came home and hung out with Kristen & Dahlia a little bit but they’re going to bed soon and I am too …

don’t worry, be happy.

23 March

Happenings of this week:

-I have 98% in APUSH, and it’s the second highest grade in the class (Elyse has 100% grr), and there are only 5 As. So yay for that!

-On Monday Vanni approached me and said she doesn’t want to be in a room with Charla for Spain. I basically told her she can do whatever she wants to make that happen just as long as Charla doesn’t know and doesn’t feel excluded and it doesn’t put me in a position I don’t want to be in. I don’t know though. It kind of pissed me off because it’s SPAIN and we’re going to be having fun no matter what and we’re not in middle school so there should be no drama like this.

-Today Brent asked me to borrow $80 … see, the $200 before (that I never ended up giving him) was to buy his motorcycle, he was that much short. And then this was for something having to do with the motorcycle but I don’t really know how to explain it. And I gave it to him … after a lot of convincing. First he called me and I was like, “Um … ” unsure. Then he CAME to my house to try and convince me and promise me he’ll pay me back. He said I was the first person he called (aw) but then when I didn’t call him back he called other people and no one else would either … then we were just talking in the family room and he kept being like, “Pleeease Corinne, you know I’ll pay you back … ” And I was being convinced and then just to make sure he literally picked me up and carried me upstairs and set me on my bed to get my wallet, LOL.

He is getting paid on the 6th and he promised me like a million times that he will pay me back then. And I trust him. And people can and will think I’m stupid for doing that, but it is what it is. I know $80 seems like a lot but … I would spend that much on clothes. So why not lend it to a friend? I just don’t know what I’m going to tell my mom because she watches my bank accounts and she will probably notice, and probably wouldn’t approve.

In other news … Kristen and Dahlia got back from Disneyland on Tuesday. But I haven’t seen Dahlia yet. She ended up not coming over that night. Maybe she will tonight, but she would probably be here by now. If not tonight then probably tomorrow. I want to see her, it’s been almost a week! Last night she texted me and said she missed me, aw. 🙂

I think that is all the important things … I have a pre-calc quiz and a APUSH quiz tomorrow, meh. And a Chem test on Monday. So that kinda sucks. But oh well. Be happy.

It means that I, like God, do not play with dice and I don’t believe in coincidences.

19 March
This weekend I hung out with Marina, Lucy, Devon, Brent, and Vanni at first, but that was kinda boring …

Then I had a Spain meeting. I leave in less than three weeks!! I’m so excited. I can’t believe it’s so soon.

Then, I decided to hang out with Katherine and her friends at our house. It was pretty fun! I like it when someone else (Katherine or Kristen) has parties at our house because then it’s still MY house but I don’t have to worry about my friends throwing up or anything …

Katherine’s sorority sisters are okay. I have 2 that are my favorites. 🙂

On Friday I went downtown with Katherine and her friends. I got a little annoyed though, because Katherine is SOO slow. I bought a pink t shirt from American Eagle, yay …

Then we dropped her friends off, and went out to dinner with our aunts. They wanted to see Katherine while she’s in town. So that was yummy?

Then Katherine and I came back home and figured out what to do …

For me it was either go hang out with Marina, Lucy, Devon, and Brent. OR Stay home. OR go out with Katherine and her high school friends.

I decided on the last one.

So Katherine and I pre-funked here a little … which was weird because I’m not used to doing that at MY house since my parents are usually here. But they were STILL out of town.

Then Katy and Elle picked us up and we met up with 2 other girls (all HS Friends of Caitlin’s. They’re nice).

So they had this friend who was having a party outside of town, not exactly that close. But we decided to go because Katherine wanted to hang out with them, so whatever they were doing she was willing to do.

It took like AN HOUR to get to there, and then we got to the house and there were like five people there! gah. We had a glass of champagne, which I had never had before and I didn’t like it. At all. And then we left because it was boring …

Took another hour to drive BACK. We dropped the friends off because they were doing something else, and went to Katherine’s friend’s house, who was supposedly having a party, too.

But we got THERE and there were only like 5 people there! WTF. But it wasn’t as bad that time because Katherine actually knows Kaylan. So we hung out there for awhile.

But we weren’t even there for that long because Katy wanted to go home, and she was our driver, so she dropped Katherine and I off at home.

We got home and realized we were both starving … so we went to a food place which is open until 2 and it was like 1:55 LOL. Katherine drove, she wasn’t very drunk at all (neither was I, but I probably was more than her). And it’s is really close to our house.

We just got fries and then came home and ate. Then after the fries were gone I decided I wanted a sandwich and Katherine made herself waffles.

And then we had like an hour long heart-to-heart conversation. We talked about college and what I want in the college I go to. Which led us into talking about her school. And sororities. And her sorority. And majors. And how I want to do psychology.

It was a very nice conversation. 🙂 I wasn’t like woo-hoo-crazy-party-drunk, but I guess I was drunk enough to be a little more open when we were talking. I probably wouldn’t have talked to her for that long if I was sober.

So overall, the night was an adventure. It was fun … but probably not as fun as Thursday night. And I have no pictures from Friday.

On Saturday I got up and walked around the lake with Charla. Ah, memories of Summer! It was a nice walk and talk and catch-up.

Then I came home, went tanning with Katherine, and went to a mall to go shopping some more.

I got four shirts:

-this white shirt that I bought because it made me look tan. It’s like sweatshirt material, and has a hood and a pocket in the front, but it’s way v-neck (have to wear a tank top under it) and three-quarter length sleeves.
-a red v neck t shirt.
-a gray tank top with lace at the top and bottom.
-a gray and white striped polo t shirt.

So that trip was a success. By the time I got home, I was so tired from walking around the lake (three miles!) and walking all around the mall. So all I felt like doing was hanging out with some girls and watching a movie or something.

I ate dinner with my family, then went to Marina’s.

Me, Marina, and Lucy talked about a lot of things.

First, about the latest thing at our school right now … this guy who graduated in my sister’s grade committed suicide last weekend. He was friends with so many people. Like everyone I talk to knew him and loved him it seems like.

He was dealing coke and was in trouble with that, and people say he was in a gang. He wasn’t really doing anything with his life … he hanged himself with an extension cord in an abandoned warehouse. 😦

It’s just really sad. His funeral was yesterday. This girl who is a senior right now went out with him and had broken up with him like two weeks before he killed himself, so she is a complete wreck. She hasn’t been at school. And she’s a cheerleader … and the national cheerleading competition is right now, and she didn’t go and they had to edit their routine the day before they left.

I guess he was like full of coke when they found him.

I don’t know … just really sad.

Then Marina brought up that last summer her mom was going to kill herself. She had not told me that before, wow. I guess Marina’s mom had it all planned out and was going to do it where she was house-sitting and would have done it if Marina hadn’t ended up going with her.

That’s got to be so hard. Her mom is getting better, though …

On a completely different subject (well, still the subject of Marina), she also told me that … on Thursday night, she gave Devon a hand job.

WHILE Lucy and Brent were in the room, and they didn’t know. LMFAO. I’m glad I didn’t go.

This is what happened I guess: they were under a blanket, and Lucy and Brent were asleep (they were all watching a movie). Marina had her hands on her lap, and Devon was like caressing her hands and then moved her hands to his lap and kind of guided her to do it? I don’t really know … I didn’t ask for ALL the details. Then she just finished it I guess …

LOL Lucy was SO weirded out by it. I think it’s hilarious. But I wonder what is going to happen now. Michelle CAN’T find out, after what happened last time. I wonder when Marina and Devon will hook up again …

Anyway!! Then we all went and saw V for Vendetta. It was really, really good. I don’t even really like those types of movies that often, but it was good.

We saw and sat with Vanni, Matt, Elyse, Riley, and Dion there, too.

I got home at like midnight, and had a snack with Katherine and then we watched some OC. Then I went to bed …

And that was my weekend! It was good. And LONG. I love three-day weekends.

But now I have to do homework. 😦

Kristen and Dahlia are in Disneyland until Tuesday. I miss them! But at least Katherine’s here until they get back.

Okay … off to homework …